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  1. J

    Domestic Protection Against Voltage Disturbances

    Quick Q. Am doing 18th edition at the mo. Reviewing chapter 44 (from p95). Calculated Risk levels for the the use of SPDs. When you have calculated the risk level (CRL), what do you compare it against to know whether the risk is accelerate or not? Worked examples are in the regs book with...
  2. G

    No wonder we're up against it...!!

    Just caught a bit of ch4's 'love it or list it' where kirstie alsop stated, when doing up a kitchen "if you fit a new oven or hob you'll need a qualified engineer if it's gas, or a thicker 6mm cable if it's electric" Cheers kirstie...
  3. Murdoch

    Surely there is a law against this ...............

    I was in a traffic jam today with my handbreak on when I noticed this in front of me: How much of this dumb womans view would be obscured by the satnav?
  4. L

    I'm told this is against regulations?

    I have a quick question which I wondered if anybody would be kind enough to answer for me. I'm looking to buy an electric car and would need to get a car charger installed on the outside of my garage wall so I posted on an electrical car forum and have been told our electrical setup may not be...
  5. K

    new user apprentice - batten holder/line conductor termination??

    Hi all, this is my first post on here. I have searched the web but cant find a straight forwards answer (or an answer at all) for this question which is part of my c&g course. - how is pvc insulation protected against high temperature in batten holder type fittings? and also - why do the...
  6. Pete999

    Bath Rugby

    Come on Bath beat the Saints away from home
  7. telectrix

    110v Site Tx.

    bought a 1KVA tranny from car boot @ weekend. bargain @ £8. reason was to have a lightweight one on the van instaed of lugging my 3.3KVA unit about. anyway, gets it home, plugs it in.. no output. so, top off to find that some donut had fitted in-line fuses to bot L and N into the primary. one of...
  8. GMES

    Understanding Rcds 2016-08-28

    IN THIS ARTICLE we discuss Residual Current Device (RCD) operation, which can occur due to electrical faults both downstream and upstream of the device. An RCD, when correctly selected and installed, can provide protection against electric shock due to indirect contact. RCDs are also used to...
  9. M

    Legal action Wylex/Electrium because of recalled MCB's

    Does anybody have any information about any legal action (whether concluded or on-going) against Electrium/Wylex because of their recalled MCB's? Thanks!
  10. J

    Running a submain through distribution board, right or wrong

    Hi I've been pulled today for installing an swa glancing into the top of a header trunking then taking it through the db, saying its against the regs saying a once a main sw is off the whole db has to be dead, I can't find a reference to it, normally I would always gland it in the bottom of the...
  11. J

    Varilight Power Grid switch install problem

    Hi, I've got the below... - 40558 Varilight XDQPG4 4-Gang PowerGrid Faceplate White - 90137 Varilight Z3PGRID4 4-Gang PowerGrid Gridplate - plus 4 switch modules The switch modules fit the grid plate fine, no issue here. Literature says grid plate fits into a standard UK...
  12. M

    communal testing

    Hi all Soon i will be testing communal installations, which will be corridors, lounge areas, kitchens etc, is done alot of testing on domestic installs but none on communal, i know i will be up against 3 phase incomer supplys, ryefield db's, emergency lighting etc, can someone give me a...
  13. C

    minor works cert

    just getting ready to go self employed, going to start advertising in the new year never had much involvement with cert's the full eic i have no problem with, looking at the minor works cert obviously its only for additions to a existing circuit and alterations but not for a new circuit so say...
  14. W

    Setting an adjustable rcd?

    Hi I'm working on a distribution system where the main s/w is a 200amp 4 pole mcb with a bolt on adjustable rcd. The rcd needs to be set to 300ma and have a time delay for discrimination purposes. Can anyone advise to which setting on the ms adjuster I use? The ms scale goes from...
  15. R

    Twin & earth from meter to board

    Hi guys, I've got a 6mm T&E leaving the suppliers meter and supplying an old 3036 wylex in front of me and the meter is sealed. Never come across this before. I'm sure the house can handle the load but is the twin & e acceptable? Cheers
  16. michaelw6

    WANTED Seaward Primetest 100

    Seaward Primetest 100 WANTED secondhand right price.
  17. 1capybara

    can I use HO5-VV-F in PVC conduit underground?

    someone said i cant use fine stranded cable underground in PVC conduit. the "F" in HO5-VV-F stands for fine stranded. I cant see any 17th ed regulation why it cant be used underground in PVC conduit. what do you think?
  18. F

    Continuity Testing

    Testing a lighting circuit with a long lead, all readings R1 R2 Rn around 0.6 to.08 ohms. Adding R1 + R2 = more than 1 ohm. Is this acceptable for recording as the result or should it be less than 1 ohm. TT system. Thanks for any advice
  19. S

    Have you heard of these panels???

    They are called amerisolar AS-5M-250w Have any of you come across these panels? A potential customer has asked my opinion about them? are they any good?
  20. S

    MCS & Debts

    We are owed a very large sum of money by an MCS registered company that we are about to take to court as they repeatedly fail to make promised payment of monies owed. If they have a debt registered against them are they able to continue to trade under the REAL/MCS rules.
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