1. S

    Amps carried through air

    Hi everyone, Watched a programme recently on TV, a young man was on top of a train (not advised) and the power lines above him carried 10,000 volts. He got too close and it jumped through the air and got him. Thankfully he lived and made a decent recovery. My question being, is it even...
  2. KennyKen

    Photo's of Work carried out today

    150mm Duel Feeders for HVAC Panel. Junction Box is Ex 'E' so limitations on core length.. That was part of my work tonight.
  3. leep82

    remedial work after an EICR was carried out on a residential property

    Today i have been carrying out some remedial work after an EICR was carried out on a residential property. Aswell as the list of remedial works to be carried out i also had draft copies of the EICR which was carried out in November of last year. When i started to read through the list of...
  4. Lou

    Wilson Electrical Ltd

    Welcome to Wilson Electrical Ltd, a family-run business with over 20 years’ experience in all sectors of electrical work. We pride ourselves on our reputation and provide a professional & reliable service ensuring that all our work is carried out to your satisfaction. We are fully Approved...
  5. R

    Test RCDs

    Hi guys I have a question: how the tests carried out on the 500mA RCD would differ from those carried out on the 30mA for test sockets outlet protected by RCDs 30mA Any hints?? Im my opinion test instrument disply large value times???
  6. M

    schedual of inspections question

    Sorry this may seem like are really daft question but during initial verification and testing do you issue one schedual of inspections for the whole installation or do you issue one for each circuit ?
  7. J

    Peculiar results on rcd trip test

    Afternoon everyone, got a weird one for you all. Installed electric shower, had to upgrade consumer unit at same time, carried out all dead testing etc, Ze and Zs all good, insulation test perfect HOWEVER when carrying out RCD trip test from the connector block terminals in the shower the RCD...
  8. S

    State why functional testing is carried out

    On completion of electricial installation testing in a shop and and office area the functional checks are to be carried out . State why functional testing is carried out. I would say to test the mechanical side of the device.
  9. D

    No RCD in place..

    Hi all, I have a question for you regarding UK law and RCD protection on radial circuits in a domestic property. My mother lives in a council owned house which was converted from an old TB hospital in the 1960s. All circuits in the property are radial not ring. The property wiring is pre...
  10. C

    rcd tripping

    I recently got called to a rcd kitchen circuit tripping, so I removed all appliances as normal but still tripped so carried out IR test which showed no fault? any ideas no fault found?
  11. S

    NIC how does it work?

    Hi Guys New boy to the forum and got some questions for you. I ve got my 2330 qualification and 17th ed. so it's a signing off question to start you off with. If i.m competent enough to do testing without the 2391 would NIC let me sign up with them? Also how can you do jobs that need signing...
  12. S

    PIR Querey.

    Has anyone ever encountered or had to go rectify any work by them? I just had a job to do a visual inspection on a tenants house owned by the Local Council, recently had a PIR carried out by *****, i found.. Duel Light Switch wires left unconnected so the switch was not working. Single...
  13. R

    PIR carried out then CU changed. Do i complete EIC aswell?

    Hello i was hoping someone could advise me on which way to go with this: I carried out a PIR on a car garage and afterwards explained to the customer the observations/recommenations before i wrote the report up in which i recommended a CU upgrade as the old one had rewireable fuses, nothing...
  14. P

    Would a PIR be okay....................

    Trying to buy a house at the moment......i haven't worked in the domestic side of things for a while now so im not 100% sure about everything. The sellers have declared on the property information form, that electrical wiring was carried out in 2010 and the whereabouts of the EIC is...
  15. C

    Remedial Domestic after a Periodoc

    Have been to look at a job this morning that involves remedial work after a Periodic Inspection Report. This has been carried out by another Electrician, whom is Part P Registered. The observations he has made seem to be non notifiable, as follows: 1/ Wall lights fed off 32A Socket circuit...
  16. D

    Coursework-HELP PLEASE!!!! SHEET 3

    Would appreciate the help-cheers 1 What test equipment is used for: • continuity of earthing conductors? • polarity? • insulation resistance? 2. What do we mean when we talk about...
  17. O

    After the PIR

    After you issue a PIR and you class it as unsatisfactory and you are asked to make good the defects what paperwork should you issue ?
  18. brucelee

    timing of inspections

    hi all a couple of questions for 2391 1. What must be agreed with the client in relation to the timing of the inspection 2. how the agreement in 1 above may have an effect on live testing at the origin of the installation 3. state why accurracy checks, in addition to calibration...
  19. johnboy6083

    old installation!

    The other day, i was installing a new circuit from an old 3ph DB, and i was working for an agency, subbing me out to a company who install specialist equipment (wont mention what because dont want repercussions). We were running SWA out of the board on tray to the items of equipment. when i saw...
  20. U

    Surge Protected Socket Outlets

    just having a scan through the examiners notes posted regarding the 2391 noticed on of the comments made was ' "could not state the minimum test voltage to be used and the minimum acceptable value of insulation resistance when carrying out a insulation resistance test on a circuit containing...
  21. M

    What is flash testing?

    hi guys looking at getting a pat tester and was wondering what the flash testing function was for? Dont mean to be a doyle here but not sure what they were referring to it seems to add about £300.00 on the price of the decent testers matt
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