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  1. G

    CCP of 6mm t&e in trunking.

    Hi all how can I work out the current carrying capacity of a 6mm t&e in surface metallic trunking. I can only find clipped direct and enclosed in insulated wall using table guides
  2. E

    manufacturer's instructions vs common sense!

    Ok I know this is dragged up time and time again regarding the 3a fuse on a fan debate but i had an interesting one today. i am installing a belling 100dft range cooker, the manufacturer's instructions are tight lipped about the actual wattage of the bleeding thing but the info I got was that...
  3. M

    Supply to submain no rcd.

    I've been asked to do some minor alterations to an out house which is supplied from CU in main house. Now the new CU in outhouse has RCD protected circuits but the supply from main house is not RCD protected. The cable is a 20m run in hightuf clipped to outside wall clearly visible. Should I put...
  4. M

    showers and cable size

    hi everyone, an aquaintence with very little money has bought a 9.8 kw shower to replace his failed unit and asked me to fit it. house has a 6mm t/e shower cable. normally i would insist on 10mm cable, however, 9.8 kw at 230 volts works out at 42 amps. actual voltage measures at 245 which means...
  5. yellowvanman

    6mm T&E on a 32A Cooker circuit

    Struck me recently as to why we use 6mm T&E for a 32A cooker circuit, when generally 4mm (clipped direct) would be sufficient. Is this a historical thing with BS3036 fuses?
  6. tuckermot

    Domestic rewire radials or ring final,s ???

    Hi all normaly on my rewires i do ring finals but on the rewire i am about to start in april ( 3 bed semi ) i was considering using radials for the sockets using 4mm t&e and 32a mcb just want to know is any one eles out there rewireing domestic properts using radials or sticking to ring fianals...
  7. E

    Fire Panels

    Does a fire panel and smoke alarms etc have to be in pyro if they are contained within containment ?
  8. S

    Quick installation question.

    Hi guys, I would appreciate your opinions please. Would you think that clipping cables direct to an exposed beam directly underneath the floorboards above would be acceptable. All circuits are RCD protected and the customer wants the new cables to match the existing ones which are all clipped...
  9. E

    9.5kw shower on a 6mm

    This has probably been done to death, but... What is the best thing to do if you find 9.5kw shower on a 6mm cable and 40 amp breaker?? I told the customer cabling needs upgrading
  10. K


    Whats the stupidest thing a NIc/ NAPIT etc inspector has ever pointed out to you about an install you may have done? One once told me that all cables should be clipped, even under floorboards. 'OK fine, I'll add 1 k to this 2.2K rewire'.... good grief.
  11. J

    Refence method, disagree meant on a job

    hello, What ref method would you class this cable there will be 100mm of king span to put in but the cable will be above the king span by 10mm or more so not in contact with any insulation. thanks
  12. L

    Cable choice for a 10.5kW Shower

    Hi All, Looking to fit a 10.5kW shower for a builder and he is virtually insistant that we use 16mm T&E as 'That's what he has been told to use in the past'. The installation is in a bungalow so the run will be in the loft where I can clip it direct above the insulation. The run is about 15mtrs...
  13. S

    Shower Cable...

    Was speaking to someone today who said they were upgrading there shower to a 8.5kw but not changing the cable which is a 6mm. He said it's a run of about ten meteres going through floorboards and up to switch. Surely this must be borderline? personally I would use a 10mm2 but just thought I...
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