1. S

    Custom T5 Wiring job assist

    I have a T5 based minibus I need help with. I removed a timed isolator that was installed by the coach builder as I want to work on some security features, (like being able to lock the doors) but am now stuck. It has these ridicules emergency handles on the outside I want to remove and make...
  2. M

    Sourcing Right Components for Custom COB LED Lighting Fixture

    Hello! I am hoping to learn more about powering LEDs for a custom panel I am designing.. I am not re-inventing the wheel here, but am simply after a lot of output :) My design will be for the Film/Lighting industry where Color accuracy is important as well as flicker free appearance on...
  3. freddo

    New Ford Custom and Ford Transit (MK8) Attacks

    Just been sent this information which might help save someone with one of these vans: ford-custom-and-ford-transit-mk8-hole-in-the-side-load-door-new-attack-trends. (I've no connection with this company but thought it might be useful information.)
  4. M

    Custom Electrician’s Work Truck

    Hey guys, I made a video showcasing my work truck that I use everyday as a journeyman in the oil and gas industry. Thought I would share with you guys. View:
  5. Moley

    Anyone else got a '19 plate (dead!) Transit custom??

    It seems that all Transit Custom 2.0 vans built between Feb and Sept 2019 were built with injectors that can die at any time. There was a coating used on the inside of the injectors that can come loose and block up. All four injectors and pipework have to be replaced. My Transit with 4200 miles...
  6. BulkWorkwear

    Intro - - Workwear Print & Embroidery

    Hi Guys! We're a new sponsor on the Forum. We are a UK based online safety workwear supplier. We offer Brand Identity Application on Workwear & much more. This includes Print & Embroidery at a fractional cost compared to our competitors. We take pride in providing high quality safety...
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