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  1. Steve93

    Do you HAVE to fix Henley blocks to a wall?

    Is there a regulation as such for a Henley block to be fixed to the wall?
  2. S

    UK CU in Meter Box & Henleys vs REC4

    Hi everyone, I'm still training so some advice would be appreciated :) We have a shed about 60m from the house where would like a supply. I've already ran some 2 core 4mm SWA and wired up a CU with a 30mA incomer, it will be protected upstream by a 16A MCB. I went for 2 core because I want the...
  3. marconi


    Established 1837 London England | Telegraph Works | William Thomas Henley Career -
  4. D

    Henley block alternative?

    Hello peoples 🖐 I am installing an additional consumer unit to an installation. I’m going to stack them one above the other, normally I would use the henley blocks but I was wondering if there is an alternate solution to this? Is there any way Split the supply cables within the CU’s? I know...
  5. Monoboy

    Domestic 100A Series 7 Henley cut-off fuse

    Hello. Before I bother a professional with a call out, could I ask for some advice on here. Our cat managed to dislodge the cut-off fuse on our board, shutting the power off. I pushed it back in and everything's back to normal. But in doing so, it made some rather nasty noises and it doesn't...
  6. A

    Strange Neutral in Armoured from Meter to Henley.

    Hey Everyone, I'm in the process of rebuilding a house in the highlands of Scotland that suffered a significant escape of water in the attic, place is trashed. So my question on the mains in. The mains comes into a 100amp fuse then into the meter. Out of the meter is an armoured that runs...
  7. Spunkywads26

    Henley Block with DNO seal

    Looked at a job today and found something which I believe to be odd. TNCS system with tails out of the new smart meter into a small henley block. Then 1 set of tails only from the henley block into an old square d cu. The thing I found odd is that the henley block has what I assume is a DNO...
  8. driverman

    series 7 type fuses

    Help! got problem on site. I'm after several series 7 type fuses to satisfy BNO meter suppliers. The BG meter people want a series 7 fuse in front of each meter. Where can they be sourced from? Thanks tried some joy so far
  9. R

    Cheap 2 way RCD CU

    2 Way Garage,home,caravan Mini Consumer Unit 40A RCD + 2 MCB's | eBay What make is this at that price
  10. Joe S

    Commercial Pure sine wave generator temporary install

    I have been asked to Supply & Fit a Pure Sine Wave Generator to a solicitors office for 1-2 days while the main gets switched off in the road for a building development alteration. They have been told by their IT guy it has to be a certain kind of generator due to the computers. The Install is...
  11. N

    Sub board from sub main

    Hi, I have quoted up a job and would like to know if anyone can see anything wrong with my design. From the 100A main cut out the tails go to an 80A switch fuse and out of there to consumer unit. I need to run a sub main to provide another consumer unit upstairs,whiere there is a possibility of...
  12. M

    main switch

    Hi all Is there a regulation in the bgb that states you cannot come off the main switch to feed another db, not that I want to do this I've just come across it being done today
  13. D

    Bit of help with meter setup

    Ok new hobby of mine is checking customers DNO supplies and getting a feel for whats what...... hopefully you guys could help me understand whats going on in this pic.... So im guessing the meter on the right is Eco 7.........whats the little sealed block on the left next to the two Henley...
  14. G

    sub boards

    Hi guys, Need advice. Have a 2 DB's both fed from meter(2 feeds coming out of it) each one goes through a 60 amp fused isolator. The 2nd DB has only 3 lighting circuits and a ring main. total wattage would be approx 3kw. Need to install 9kw electric boiler but cannot get to either of the...
  15. O

    Todays EICR - can you spot the mistake?

    Ok, so where do you look first when you do an EICR? I always start by looking at the CU and incoming supply: Suggestions?
  16. O

    what's the name of that conduit sealant?

    Evening all, can anyone tell me what that sealant stuff is called that you use to seal ends of conduit when space is left around the cables? cheers Odigi
  17. H

    Henley Block between meter and main switch

    Hi quick one if you come across the meter tails coming from the meter to a henley block then from henley block to main switch on consumer board, if you replaced that consumer board would you still need to remove main fuse or could you just disconnect from henley block and leave fuse intact...
  18. R

    Preferred method of installation

    Had a look at a job the other day, client has brought a MK RCD Garage CU and wants it connected up. Supply is TNC-S with a 100mA RCCB protecting a BS1361 fuse board which has MCB's Option 1. Replace the RCCB with a time delayed RCD and connect garage CU to new RCD Option 2. Henley block the...
  19. Doomed

    Always always test to make sure circuit is dead

    As the title says. Do it. Friday after lunch, sent to work on a external socket. On the inside wall nice big isolator labelled 'Isolator for outside socket'. Fine I think, turn off the nice big isolator with a satisfying 'clunk'. Start dismantling socket and 'ow - that tingles' Test it and its...
  20. C

    Adding a Distribution Circuit

    Hi I need to provide a direct supply on a dedicated circuit for some underfloor heating - but have no spare ways available.:( Other than changing the CU for a larger one, I was thinking of adding a second one just for the heating circuit. I am not certain of the best way to do this. I...
  21. L

    Supply to a one way CU for shower.. please help

    Supply to a one way CU for shower.. please help Hi guys I need some help if you would, I feel i should know this but I dont. New shower going in, there is no provision/circuit existing for 9.5kW shower that is going to be installed. I'm going to use a 30mA RCD + 45A MCB one way unit...
  22. D

    New Extension & Board

    Sat in a boring conference and some time on my hands, but dont have any reference material to hand. So a bit of help please. Been asked to price an extension, which is bigger than the original house. Could come from original board in hallway, go up and across and then down for the following...
  23. R

    Domestic Isolation ?

    If I use a henley block and a set of tails to feed a new consumer unit on an existing installation adjacent to an old board, do I need a point of isolation between the henley and the new board, and would a recomendation be made to upgrade the exisiting re-wirable fuse board.
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