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Before I bother a professional with a call out, could I ask for some advice on here.

Our cat managed to dislodge the cut-off fuse on our board, shutting the power off. I pushed it back in and everything's back to normal. But in doing so, it made some rather nasty noises and it doesn't fit flush to the unit.

I'm worried about fire risk and electrocution if I tamper with it. It has an anti-tamper tie so I'm presuming it's dangerous.

Should I have it replaced by a professional? (And boxed in to stop the cat doing it again).

It's a new build (2003) house with a Crabtree fuse box.

Thanks in advance.



It wont need replacing, it just hasn't sat back in properly.

Electricians, strictly speaking aren't allowed to touch these. (Although I'm sure some electricians that are registered to a certain scheme are, sure someone will name it). However, most will take this fuse out an put it back.

The DNO are responsible for this, give them a call but it might cost you. DNO are for example electricity north west.

I guess, you pushed it back in with everything in your "fuse box" switched on, or the fuses in place. The noises you heard was arching due to electrical load, you may have welded the contacts a little, hence why it doesn't go all the way back in.

I wont advice what I would do, because if it has become slightly damaged and breaks, you've got a real hazard in front of you.


Clever cat call your supplier and explain, I would like to be a fly on the wall, the noise you heard was probably due to the fuse was pushed back under load conditions, arcing as it's known as, should be OK, but if you are that concerned, call your Electrical supplier, as I explained
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Yes, the cat likes to hide in the stair cupboard for some reason. He's done it before. It sounds like it might need attention. The cut-off fuse that is, I couldn't care less about the cat. Although, he might disappear in a blue flash if it happens again.

Thanks for the advice.


what sort of cat have you got?
those fuses are quite hard to pull out "apparently as others have told me"
I am guessing a tiger or similar??
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