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  1. C

    Hall stairs and landing light problems

    we are shortly moving into my parents old house, me and my partner have renovated the property over the last 18 months, we are now nearing completion, but have a problem with lighting on the stairway, there is a light just inside the front door with a double switch, upstairs on the landing is...
  2. E

    falcon heavy booster landing

    some clever engineering in these
  3. S

    Radial socket on landing and rear bedroom appears to be powered from lighting and radial

    Hello all, first time posting here, was hoping for some theories/advice regarding a confusing situation. Essentially we were looking to add one or two sockets to a upstairs bedroom (40's build rewired in 80's I think with black/red colour system). It currently has two sockets and there is also...
  4. C

    Domestic How should I relocate the downstairs hall/landing light switch box?

    Hi all, apologies if my description & terminology is 'novice'! I need to relocate the light switch box (with x2 switches) which currently is in a Cupboard in the downstairs entrance hall; initially this box was in the Hall but part of the Hall was subsequently blocked into a Cupboard, trapping...
  5. U

    faffing with 2 way lighting

    Good day, At a house and theres a lady who has a hallway light, and a landing light. She has: downstairs - a 3 gang switch - hallway light, outdoor light, and landing light. upstairs - 1 gang switch - landing light. She wants to be able to switch the hall light from upstairs. This house is...
  6. loz

    Checking a borrowed neutral

    changing a fuse board today, house wired in the 60s with the landing light on the ground floor lighting circuit. Tested at 250v ins res between the neutral of the 1st floor lights and the neutral of the ground floor lights. Result was 0.04meg ohm. Flick switch for landing light and the reading...
  7. D

    3 switches control both level lights - Easy change?

    Hi, I have three switches across 2 levels in my house all controlling the lights on two levels of the house landings (spotlight group on ground and landing light on 1st). Ground: 2 switches - control spotlight group downstairs (same floor) and upstairs landing light Upstairs/1st: 1 switch -...
  8. J

    Domestic Lighting Issue

    Hi all Hoping for help if possible! In our house we suffered a loss of lighting to half of the upstairs of the property. The upstairs lighting and smoke alarm is on one circuit, however the Bathroom, landing and 1x bedroom have lost all lighting, and two other bedrooms have retained lighting...
  9. G

    Two way light switch

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me with the following problem I have with a light switch. I have a 3 story house and have a two way light switch on the 1st floor that controls the 1st floor landing and 2nd floor landing. The light on the 1st floor can also be controlled from the ground...
  10. G

    Smoke alarms on loft conversion

    I'm due to start a loft conversion and building regs require smoke alarm, can anyone tell me if I need to install interlinked smokes on every floor ? cheers
  11. Y

    Domestic lighting circuit

    Hi, this is quite an easy one. I'm wiring the upstairs landing light and downstairs hall light. The switch on the landing needs to control the landing and hall light and the downstairs switch needs to control the landing, hall and outside light. I've wired the upstairs lights and included the...
  12. driverman

    Decent Alarm system

    Hi Guys, installing an one off alarm system and wondered from your experience what would be a decent make / model to install. 4 x PIR zones ground floor, 1 x E/E door, 1 x PIR zone Landing (night set) and 2 x remote keypads ( 1 by E/E door, other on Landing). End station going in hall cupboard...
  13. M

    Light switch wiring

    I have a confusing wiring. It's a 70s council house. Hall way has two switches one single , one double. The double and single switch the hallway light, however in both switches there are three wires red yellow blue. This two way switching works fine. The double switch in hallway also...
  14. N

    Two gang two way wiring not working properly

    I am testing a property that has the following problem - There are three switches, one two gang two way at the bottom of the stairs (call it hall) - controlling hall with one, landing other One two gang two way at the top of the stairs (landing), controlling hall with one landing with the...
  15. N

    Domestic 3C&E at ceiling rose.

    Hi All I've been to do it second fix at the house where the 1st fix has already been done, all cable runs are visible so I've no problem completing it. 1st fix was done about 2 years ago, it's an unlived in project, the electrician at the time has wired 2 way switches for the hall and landing...
  16. K

    Emergency lighting and smoke alarms in a shared house

    Hi there, Iam new to this so please bare with me. Iam just about to start a full rewire. The property is a 6 bed, three storey house, which the owner is turning into shared living. 6 bedrooms with a communal lounge, bathroom and kitchen. Iam not sure if I need to fit smoke detectors in each...
  17. Y

    Domestic Extra two way switch

    Hi Chaps Thanx to everyone who sorted me out with the last query . on to the next. I have been asked to install a second two way switch in friends hall way. The existing switch is just inside the front door and controls the hall and landing lights as normal , what she would like is a secondary...
  18. D

    No shared nutural, But downstairs landing light on downstairs circuit

    I have just changed a DB and checked for the obiuos shared nutural.. Just to realise that the landing light is wired into the downstairs circuit Is this ok or do the regs prohibit this ?
  19. O

    Domestic 2 Lighting circuits sharing same 6amp MCB

    Looked at a job today and noticed 2 red line cables in one 6amp MCB which was marked up as Lights. The place is a small purpose built flat with a couple of lights in the entrance hall with stairs going up to the living area and the rest of the lights. The two way switch in the hall operates the...
  20. M

    Replacing Landing Switch - need some help please

    Hi I hope someone can help. Im trying to replace my landing light switch. The wires I have are two red, two black and one brown. The landing switch works on its own and can also be turned on and off in the hall downstairs. I have wired the new switch, a 1 gang 2 way the same as my old switch...
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