1. V

    One side parking lights not working

    Hi! I'm new user on the forum and I own a MK3 Ford Focus estate(2013). Recently though my Focus developed a problem, which I have not yet found a solution to. I own a left hand drive car and my driver side parking lights (1 in front, 1 in the back on body and 1 on the tailgate) are not...
  2. C

    Power to tail light problem

    One of my tail lights remains on permanently. When l switch it on it turns off. The other tail light works as it should. Can someone please help?
  3. P

    Logic of blue badge parking

    Can some one explain why a car displaying a blue badge is allowed to park on double yellow lines, but one not displaying one can't? Surely the idea of double yellow lines is to avoid congestion, but if a car with a disabled badge doesn't cause an obstruction why does a car without a badge do so?
  4. O

    No parking onsite ................

    So I'm doing an EICR on a flat tomorrow and I've just found out that the only local parking is a busy multi story commuter car park. So this mean being really organised with what I take, as the walk is a good few minutes each way and I've no control over where I can park! So I'm thinking of...
  5. Gavin John Hyde

    issues with customer and cost of parking when on jobs!!!

    Walked out of a job today, customer lives in residents only permit zone in middle of town, I make it clear in the terms and conditions they sign that they will where required provide a permit for duration of works or they cost will be added to invoice. Bath has lots of zones where some are...
  6. G

    Parking sensor continually sounding. Ahhh.

    Hi All, Im new to this forum with an issue to solve if anyone can help. I have a Mitsubishi L200 with front and rear parking sensors and the front sensors have started an intermittent beeping sound while driving with nothing in range for normal activation. At times its almost continual. Each...
  7. S

    Parking fines - tax deductible?

    As above. Grinding through my tax return. Perpetual hazard where I work. Prob £200 a year. What d y'reckon?
  8. S

    Domestic 12V Proximity Sensor help

    Hi all I wonder if you guys can help me and point me in the right direction, we are after a 12V Proximity sensor that is waterproof to put on the back of a truck, when a solid item gets within the sensors range we want it to trigger a Light/LED, I know how to wire it up but struggling to find...
  9. S

    Number plate light and dashboard light staying on?!

    Hi guys have a bit of a problem on my 1999 vw 6n polo, recently I have noticed my numberplate lights and dashboard light is staying on all the time even with the headlight/sidelight switch on the off position. This happens on the third key click just as you turn to start the car. I have only...
  10. B

    Working in city centres

    Being a pie eating suburban northerner who has decided that city centre parking grief with a high roof transit is not worth the call out income, I was wondering how London based contractors cope with double red lines and congestion charging. Is paying to get your van from the local impound yard...
  11. A

    Pricing Help

    Ive been asked to price a job need some help on what others would charge and recommend. 16db sockets 4 ring mains 3 clean earth rings. water heater supply extratcor fan supply ac unit supply 3 lighting circuits 1 em lighting circuit db change im just tryna quote on the labour materials are...
  12. C

    London Congestion Charge and Parking Charges

    Hi I just wondered how others deal with London Congestion Charges and Parking charges. I have just completed a job which for one reason and another required 3 visits of 2-3 hours a time. Is it reasonable/common practice to pass on parking and congestion charges to the customer? Thanks in...
  13. P

    Working on public pavements

    I've got to quote for renewing some outside lighting on a local pub in a large town, the work will involve working at height with the use of a platform on the pavement. Just wanted to Know what permissions i would need from the local authority, and whether it involves risk assessments etc. The...
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