1. Matt

    Samsung charging slow... and then not

    Hello everyone, Posting my question here as I did not find a strictly electronics section. This is a question regarding charging a mobile phone. I have a Samsung phone (Galaxy A10) and it is acting in a peculiar fashion. It has a real hard time charging when using the original charger and...
  2. telectrix

    my reply to samsung

    been bombarded with emails to buy a new samsung phone. here's my reply: too frigging expensive, and even if it were free. i'd not have one as long as you eat dogs.
  3. telectrix

    email, failure on samsung phone

    galaxy S6. was fine with emails till back in august last year, it stopped receiving emails. also i can't send. the email account works perfectly on laptop, but no traffic to/from phone. i have not altered any settings. anyone have a scooby?
  4. SparkyChick

    Samsung T200HD Backlight Fault

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone has any information (or could get hold of some) regarding diagnosing and fixing backlight faults on that particular Samsung LCD TV/Monitor? I've managed to get a service manual which helpfully makes it clear that the power supply board (where the CFL inverter is for...
  5. A

    Samsung refrigerator issue

    Greetings I am facing the following issue with my side-by-side Samsung refrigerator: For a while now the appliance has been making an increasingly annoying nose. After some research and testing, I have confirmed it originates from the refrigerator section, towards the top. This noise stops and...
  6. GMES

    Samsung S8+ .............25 characters or more ARGHH

    So Got my new upgrade yesterday and I have to say I am impressed so far Very smooth Phone. Nice large 6.2 infinity screen, Face recognition unlock. I've only had it a day so can't give too much of a review but so far so good, I upgraded from the s7 edge so I am already an Android fan anyway...
  7. rolyberkin

    New Phone Opinions

    My Iphone 5s is coming to the end of its life (I am bored with it) and I fancy a change to android, do I get. a) Cat Phone S60 with flir camera £499 b) Cubot Panther £149 c) Another iphone d) Something different Interested in peoples views, always had iphones, my mate has a cheap cubot and it...
  8. rolyberkin

    Speech Sync Issue Samsung

    Bought a new Freesat 55" Samsung TV and couldn't watch strictly tonight due to a noticeable speech sync/sound issue on HD. Any ideas what causes this, have updated firmware etc and issue seemed to go away once Michael McKintyre got on?
  9. telectrix

    which phone?

    currently have a samsung galaxy II. due for upgrade this month and wondering if anyone has recommendations.. what's good and which to steer clear of.
  10. L

    Certificate app for samsung galaxy phone

    Hi all moving over to samsung from iPhone is there any certificate apps available on samsung galaxy that are good and not too expensive I've seen Easycert mobile but that's £220 compared to iPhones icertifi app £50 for 12 months any ideas pls
  11. T

    HDMI Distribution, Samsung AllShare and network streams, help much appreciated.

    Hello! Okay, so we have installed 2 55" Series 6 Samsung panels into a shop, the panels are back to back hung off unicol and there intended use is for broadcasting anything that is going on a computer upstairs. Current uses have been youtube on full screen and dvds. The problem, our designer...
  12. M

    Hager RCBOs deciding not to hold

    Just had a hager 32a rcbo go on me today. Nothing wrong with the circuit, i think the internal latching mechanics have broken as it does not hold when disconnected totally and just sitting in my spares box. Has anyone else had this sort of experience? It's less than a year old and just in a...
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