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  1. davesparks

    When did seperate earth's in trunking become fashionable?

    Next question on the date my install game. When did the practice of installing seperate cpcs in trunking become the norm? The 'original' part (the rewire when the VIR was replaced) of the install I am trying to establish an age for is entirely in enameled trunking which has been used as the...
  2. C

    Separate feed for Cooker and Induction hob

    Evening gents After a quick question about a kitchen rewire (Im an industrial electrical engineer, not been a house basher for a good 15 years) Im moving the cooker from one side of the kitchen to the other and running a brand new supply from the consumer unit. Im also moving from Gas hob to a...
  3. leep82

    Seperate RCD enclosure

    Ive recently been out to look at a kitchen refurb, where a split load mem memera 200 consumer unit is installed. The ring final circuit supplying the kitchen has 30mA RCD protection, no issues here. My issue is the oven supply. The OCPD is a 32a cartridge fuse which is on the non RCD side of the...
  4. T

    Seperate circuit passing through light.

    We are rewiring a stair lighting circuit and the door entry supply passes through one of our light fittings which is a seperate circuit from the lights. Is this ok if it is marked up at the DB?
  5. Andy-1960

    Seperate / Integral earth CPC on 400A supply

    This one might get the old grey matter going! 400A supply 260m run on ladder fed from BS88 fuses to sub main distribution board. Did a cable calc using our Trimble software (was Amtech) and looked at the option of using an integral earth or a separate earth so I could use a conventional 4c...
  6. O

    20mm PVC conduit crossover / hopover?

    Don't do much conduit work...finishing my garage wire up and socket conduit needs to hopover the light circuit conduit. Can you buy these ready made or is it a case of bend your own? *tin helmet on*
  7. D

    Steel trunking

    Hi guys Been asked to perform some remedial works on site....lot of which is Missing 100mm galvanised trunking lids missing. Can they be bought alone ? ( as i cant find them ) or will the whole trunking section needs to be replaced ? does anybody have any better ideas ? ta
  8. M

    10kw install advice on small farm shop & outbuildings

    Hi All have customer that i work for on a regular bassis doing electrical works, last year we got costs to upgrade our supply to property due to expansion of works. going from 25kva trans to 50kva trans moving our supply to new location. whilst undertaking this work i am to upgrade the...
  9. L

    PIR problems

    evening all i fitted 2 lights with a pir sensor controlling each light both working fine when i left and for about a week, until 1 became faulty it comes on around just getting dark all fine but soon as it gets dark completley it wont pick anybody up. so i replaced sensor last week customer...
  10. happyhippydad

    Now which cable for this farm job?

    Just a bit more from this job I've been going on about at the stables.. The chap has 10-15 meters of flex plugged in (just below Consumer unit) taking power to each individual flood. What sort of length of flex is acceptable? I'm going to be changing it all so they are on seperate MCB's in CU...
  11. N

    Sub board from sub main

    Hi, I have quoted up a job and would like to know if anyone can see anything wrong with my design. From the 100A main cut out the tails go to an 80A switch fuse and out of there to consumer unit. I need to run a sub main to provide another consumer unit upstairs,whiere there is a possibility of...
  12. M

    Certification of a few different jobs.

    If a customer asks me to do a few jobs. E.g. Add some spots, add a socket and put a fan in a bathroom. As the only job notifiable to the labc would be the fan as its in a special location. Would you MW all jobs separately or all as one EIC and then let the building control deal with what's what?
  13. T

    advise on sky installation please????

    Hi all was wondering if anybody could help who has knowledge with sky installation , currently doing a rewire and am pulling in the sky points so the cable is hidden, in total there is going to be 8 tvs and they want sky for each one of them, pulling in twin satalite cable for sky plus but do...
  14. Jay Sparks

    Trunking or seperate cpc???????

    Hi Guy & Gals, So, I was reading a very interesting thread earlier where the OP was asking whether to use SWA or singles in trunking/containment for a supply to a sub main. The responses the OP got were different to say the least!!!!!!! Anyway, some were saying SWA and some were saying singles...
  15. I

    seperate shower CU

    sorry this may seem obvious. All of the shower manufacturers stipulate the main swith must be rated > 80Amps for connection of their showers in their instructions, so when you fit a seperate Shower C.U. due to the old board either being full or a wylex 3036 does this mean that the rating of the...
  16. G

    mixed circuits

    Im currently in the process of 1st fixing a load of flats for a company as a subby. ive been told to do a kitchen appliance ring on a grid switch and also a radial for a microwave off the same grid switch. Also there is a heat recovery system and they want the boost switches as part of the light...
  17. oxford 12

    rcd tripping

    Just been called to a tripping problem in a lab,where 3 seperate rcds would trip out for no reason.After some time discovered a heat damaged neutral connection in a seperate db in another part of the building.With this connection repaired ,the tripping problem ceased.Can any one explain this...
  18. B

    eicr and test help

    hi all i would like some advice if possible, i came across a situation that is annoying me, a small retail outlet a tp&n db fed of 15mtr run of swa which is controlled via a seperate isolator at cable head 1: the db didnt have a, frying pan or a seperate earth from swa to the met, which i...
  19. C

    2 way light connected to 2 different circuits

    Hi I have just carried out a CU change and when I tried to replace the lamp in the fitting on the landing It keeps throwing the breaker. The fitting is 2 way and connected to both the upstairs and downstairs circuit. I haven't come across this method before, so it confused me a bit. How dies...
  20. B

    2 circuits

    High today at a fault call i noticed that on a row of lights that were out the swa that fed them was also feeding the other row so two seperate circuits fed via 2 seperate mcbs eg lives, neutrals+ cpcs all in the same multicore armoured i informed the client this would need rewiring with a new...
  21. H

    multiple cores for same circuit?

    some plonker ordered and installed the wrong swa cable (too many cores not enough csa) but honestly the csa issue is only due to voltage drop. So I was wondering your opinions on using multiple cores together as parallel conductors? I've looked at the regs and it looks okay but I may have missed...
  22. N

    Help Power One Aurora / Sanyo HDE RCD tripping

    Odd one. Installed a system last Thursday. all tested. All good. Went back to adjust panels and as soon as we reconnected the RCD tripped... and continued to (and stand-alone). Seemed to trip as we approached 2kw (of 3.8) but might have been coincidence. Checked the IR for the cable run...
  23. SolarCity

    Dual MPP tracker inverter - two different panels?

    My colleague asked me earlier if it was possible to fit different panels to an inverter that had a two MPP trackers - for example a string of 10 Sharp 185s on one MPP tracker and another string of 7 Sharp 245s on another? I didn't know so I thought I'd ask on a forum where someone probably does.
  24. jibjob

    Multiple wires in MCB, what's the best way to record on PIR?

    Anyone have any advice on entering test results for multiple wires from the same MCB. It's a 32a MCB with a ring final and a further 3 wires stuffed into it, all of them radials. I'm not sure of the best way to express this on the cert without it looking a bit cluttered and probably all the more...
  25. D

    3 phase Meter Arrangement

    Hi, I have been asked to 'get the installation ready' for the electricity supplier to come and fit seperate meters. Currently:- The building is broken up into 5 seperate dwellings There is a 3 phase supply running straight up through a Ryefield dist board. The 3 phase and N Supply cable has...
  26. U

    underfloor heating!

    ok, in a bit of a debate with myself here?!! looked a t big extension on a bungalow, guy wants underfloor heating, already speccced it himself...................if thats what he wants to do, anyway, it looks like he wants two, one in the kitchen(2kw) and one in the downstairs showeroom, all part...
  27. S

    trunking as earth

    Am I right in thinking trunking(4") shouldn't be used as the only form of earthing? as I am seperating the supply meters for 2 floors in an commercial building and there is no earth going up to the first floor supply not even connected to swa armourings.
  28. J

    RCD Protection

    If you go to extend a ring main and the board is all covered by a single RCD do you need to update to minimize danger in a event of a fault, e.g move circuit to seperate board (well quoted to move light circuit to seperate board) because i lost out due to cost of doing this and the other company...
  29. R

    oven circuit or not?

    Customer has handed me a quote and a 6mm oven circuit has been priced for. She only intends on putting a single oven in. the hob is a seperate gas item. Am i ok to tap into the kitchen ring to power this. Mine at home as a 13a plug top. Or would it be better to put a seprate 6mm feed and...
  30. mattyevz

    Best way sub board supply

    Hi peeps, I usually stick to domestics but have been asked to do abit of commercial so bear with me.Just woundering what would be the best way to do this. Its a shop im working on .upstairs is going to be a new consumer unit 17th rcd 2x20 radials skts and 1x 6 lighting circuit all trunking.i...
  31. S

    Fluctuating voltage!

    Hi I hope this makes sense. Went to look at a job a few days ago, did a quick test on the incomer of a 3 phase supply TNC-S system (seperate from the main consumer board) got a Ze of 0.19, all good, went to test the seperate consumer board & got a Ze of 0.33 & a Zs at a few RCBO protected...
  32. K

    Duff Integrated PIR Hallogen fittings?

    Where am I going wrong, over the last 9 months at one customers premises I have installed 3 x seperate pir/hallogen fittings, all from the same circuit, nothing else on it. But every couple of months I get a call to replace one of the fittings as the PIR latches on for that fitting. Now...
  33. W

    2 d/boards 1 supply

    Hi just done pir, had a 16mm t+e submain feeding a d/b off live side of isolator had a 10mm t+e feeding another board about 6 metres away. Do they go on same test result sheet as they have the same supply or seperate ones stating same supply?
  34. N

    Number of Inspection Forms

    Would you use multiple inspection forms for a single PIR (or EIC) if for example they were in seperate buildings? If not can anybody think of an instance where multiple inspection forms would be attached to a single PIR or EIC. (The form has a section saying " __ Scheduals of...
  35. I

    Shower control

    Hi I just looked at a job that I have to price,basically part of some of the job is there are two electric showers in the house which aren't connected but are wired. What he wants is me to connect up the two showers through one of those units that only lets one be used at a time..Thats the...
  36. S

    installation certificate querry

    hi all, blimey ive done some posting today! right on me schedule of test results, ive got a 16a 60898 mcb going to a metal clad 20a dp isolator via 2.5 t&E, only about 1/2 a metre to the isolator. from then on its a 2 core 2.5mm swa to the garage consumer unit. im re writting me test sheet...
  37. Y

    Immersion heater circuit

    Just wanting to check and get advice on immersion heaters. I have wired up them before but on the job that i'm on, the house is needing 2 3kw heaters for 2 cylinders. The consumer unit is less than 10m way from the airing cupboard, so would a radial circuit with 4mm cable and a 32mcb be okay...
  38. K

    3 Phase Supply, Need A Seperate Earth

    Hi guys im after a bit of help please. if im running a 4core 25mm armoured to a three phase distboard do i need a seperate earth to go with it or can i use the armourings??? i thought you had to run a seperate earth half the size of the cable so a 16mm earth. all cable calcs say u need a...
  39. R

    Singles in conduit

    Hi, Great site you have here guys. I`v being watching for a few months, and now have a question. In colege, they have told us that when wiring in steel conduit, all wiring is done in single core cables, as opposted to Twin+earth. Is there a reason for this? Would seem logical to me to use...
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