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Hi guys came across something I've not seen before and has me puzzled. I've tested quite a few emergency lighting systems over the years but I'm working in a older church with the emergency lighting supplied from a individual consumer unit wired in Pyro. The rest of the Installation is split over 5 consumer units. Should emergency lights not be on the same consumer unit as the general lighting . I've had a read over the IET Electricians Guide to Emergency Lighting and can't see if this is allowed as surely if there was a fault on the consumer unit with the lights then the emergency lights wouldn't kick in. There is satisfactory completion certificates from the 1980s but no periodic inspection certs / log books as they have new building owners. It also has no key switches with only old 1361 fuses isolating 3 lights per circuit on a 18way board. I was thinking of advising to replace the consumer unit with local key switches. Any input would be appreciated guys.
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Are they self-contained (in which case they need to be from the same final circuits that they're monitoring (not just same DB) if non-maintained. Or is this a central battery system?


Judging by the date / fuses it sounds like an older installation which was probably O.K at the time and was probably an addition.
It may be regs /recommended about being on the same D.B as main lighting, but there's more likely to be a total power loss than a D.B power loss, in which case it would work.


It sounds like it once could have been a central battery system.
If one of the lighting circuits failed would there be borrowed light from another?
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Thanks for the replies I'm going back out to it on Tuesday to start the emergency lighting testing as I was just finishing off the Electrical Installation Condition Report today that's when I noticed the seperate emergency lighting board which puzzled me. I'll look at old drawings that should be available to see if it has seperate batteries or if its maintained/ non maintained etc. The rest of the installation is pretty much perfect for the date it was installed as it was an ex council maintained building from back in the day obviously slightly dated now. I'll keep you guys posted.
Should have left the EL in test while you did the EICR, two birds one stone and all that.


I’ve came across that set up before, in large college building, built around 1989. The DBs were fed from the main panel board along with every thing else and there was no essential supply/back up generator etc.
The DBs were labled as “Police Lighting” and fed maintained, self contained bulkhead and “running man” exit emergency lights.....don’t know why they called it police lighting, can only assume it was designed so a security guard could patrol the building, without having to turn on/off general lights as he went about the place!
Police Lighting was a term for an odd light or lights to be left on at night most often in shops. In the days of police on the beat they could see into the shops as they walked by. Boots the Chemist always had a batten holder over the pharmacy.
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Just a update as I was back out today. I went through the old drawings and found that there used to be central batteries connected. These have been replaced with maintained bulkheads and exit box lights I also found a old circuit chart showing emergency light battery charger which when isolated it kills the power to the board with 1361 fuses. 65/65 lamps out... I don't think they have ever been changed since after they were installed. Anyways thanks for all the replies guys.


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