1. B

    4mm spurred from ring main

    32A ring main, adding 2 more sockets off this, spark I’m working with says add radial 4mm to 2 new sockets from ring I’m saying extend ring? I know 4mm can take 32A but I wouldn’t do it his way
  2. C

    Double socket spurred off of Ring.

    Ok so I'd like your opinions on this as I seem to be the minority on this. I'm fairly newly qualified and obviously still learning everyday. Electricians I work with and everywhere on the web says that spurring a double socket from another that is on a ring final circuit is fine, as long as...
  3. M

    Ring spurred at origin?

    Hi all, DIYer here. My garage has a double socket fed by 4mm2 twin and earth connected to the same circuit breaker has the ring main for the sockets upstairs in the house. The MCB is a B32. Is the feed in the garage considered a spur from the ring main or is it a separate radial circuit...
  4. M

    Cooker wiring dilemma

    A house renovation, including kitchen extension, all plastered out with a 10mm twin+e feed in place for the 7.3kw induction hob. The single oven and the combi microwave should have been spurred from the kitchen ring as each being 2.9kw. Neff have decided to up them to 3.45kw for the oven and...
  5. NDG Elecs

    Inaccessible joint and assessment upcoming.

    Hi Folks, I have my assessment quite soon and have a query. Situation is a RFC with no sockets on the ring but there are three sockets spurred off it at one point. I have down rated the OPD to 20A due to this. The RFC end to ends are spot on and the R1R2 is decent with the legs cross...
  6. S

    Todays job

    Went to install a few extra sockets into dado trunking in an office, nice easy one for a saturday morning. Checked ring continuity at first socket to tap into ring, no continuity, went on to discover spurs off spurs big style, 6 sockets spurred off ring on one side of office, 7 spurred off ring...
  7. S

    Ring final fault - please help !

    I'm doing a PIR on my flat and I've come across a fault I can't work out. I'm getting a very low (about 0.1Meg Ohm) insulation resistance between Neutral and Line conductors on one of the ring circuits. However I'm not getting continuity between Line and Neutral and the MCB isn't tripping...
  8. G

    Domestic Cables burnt behind fused spur supplying immersion heater

    I went to a house last week where the live cable on the supply side of a spur (old colours, red) was coloured black as it had been burnt by what looked to be arcing due to loose connection. So i changed the old spur for a new one, as the old spur was all burnt and discoloured. Now the customer...
  9. D

    night mare job

    Trying to locate a ring circuit in a house and so far i have found 3 rings within rings..!! ARGH!!!!! CHIMPS!!!! :eek: any body else had similar encounters!!
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