1. darkwood

    So has anyone tried the 'The Last of Us II' on PS4 (Caution may contain plot spoilers in comments)!!

    With a lot of supposed backlash which I feel is somewhat a deliberate rating bashing by gaming critics, what do you think of it? I actually overall enjoyed it and my only critique is the cutscenes are too many and too long and the fact you cannot skip them even after completing the game.
  2. D

    MK essential range , anyone tried it ?

    View: JW gives it the low down , anyone fitted any ? Looks a bit naff imo
  3. D

    Tried endlessly to fish a cable down a soffit, can it be ran along the fascia instead?

    As title suggests, I've tried and tried to get my cable rods down the soffit to run a cable from one spotlight to the next, can't get through because of support beams etc. in the way. I know it'd be ideal to house the cable inside the soffit but taking the fascia and soffit off would be a big...
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    Wd40 and fuse boards.... Anybody tried it?

    Had the WD40 out earlier cleaning my fiancees bike up. Saw on the side they suggest it can be sprayed into mcbs on a fuse board. Can't say I have ever thought of that. I know it can be used on contacts but it somehow seems wrong to be spraying a liquid into a fuse board as shown on the can!
  5. M

    Very strange problems with my light timers. I tried everything I could think of. Please help!

    So I'm an aquarium enthusiast and I have several fish tanks in my house (all of them have lights that are connected to timers). My basement has multiple circuits, one for the washer and dryer, one for all the other outlets down there, and I also had an electrician install a brand new outlet on...
  6. D

    Anyone tried these before..? 40th Birthday coming up and my parents are insisting they get me something so might cut a new pair of cutters / shears and wondered about these
  7. M

    Had an idea, anyone tried it or think it may work?

    I'll keep the blurb brief for you all! Old fusebox in bathroom cupboard. No suitable place it could realistically be moved to. Clear signs of corrosion damage (I've cut back the damaged parts and reterminated). Upgrading to CU in a few weeks when client is back from holiday. My idea is to...
  8. Marti

    Domestic Best CCU is Schneider...Oh no it isn't. Anyone tried Chintz?

    I know I'm going to regret askin' but I never learn so here are two contentious question in one. The best CCU, and by "best" I mean plenty of installation room, good quality screw fixings and reliable RCDs / RCBOs. Personally, I still like Schneider; maybe because that's what I trained on. The...
  9. L

    Just tried to change outside light ..Help please

    Newbie here I have just bought a sensor led light that i wanted to replace outside light. There is a 1 way switch on internal wall I've just tried to do it today and ...... And cannot get it to work 1. Old fitting worked with neutral, live and earth connected with a connecting block 2 Took...
  10. pirate

    Well, I tried...I really tried, but...

    Hey, nothing ventured, as they say... Basically, I sat on it, and pressed the switch...nothing. I pressed the switch while peeing in to the bowl...nothing. Finally, I put one foot into the bowl, while pressing the switch with wet fingers... and absolutely noth... BLAM! The light on the patio...
  11. O

    Anyone tried these out? ....................

    Bought this pack this afternoon - thought it might get me out of a hole at some point seeing as so many houses are dry lined these days ........ Anyone used these? Thanks
  12. egg67

    Please help have tried google but could not find it

    Was given this by a neighbour who's husband had just died at the age of 92, he was a radio ham. I know it for morse code but would like to find out what make it is and how it was wired, and the original colour as I would like to Restore it the only markings on it are KEY PATTERN NUMBER 310.
  13. T

    Ever tried using Eterna emergency pack module ? Don't if you can avoid it

    A more unholy jumble of wires and system of in-line emergency pack I have yet to see. Very dissapointed with the product. But it does work I suppose. Initially I thought wtf is this? but pause for thought and it all became clear but very inelegant solution. And the LED is supposed to be placed...
  14. gatuka

    help needed what am i doing wrong!!

    hi everyone I not long finished college . i did a level 2 and 3 city and guilds, 17 edition , 2394, 2395 which i found challenging, i also have ECS card (adult trainee), have my own hand tools, can drive both car and truck (c license ). i have been applying for jobs i even offered to work for...
  15. Pete999


    Anyone tried registering for the 2017 CEFlive event in June? I ask because I tried and can't enter any info in the boxes.
  16. camerabloke

    pete999 and forum not working

    hey guys and gals, pete999 is having problems logging on, well i can log him in but it then says he does not have permissions to view, new posts , for example any ideas TIA
  17. J

    Zs tripping rcd

    hi guys, Hoping for a little advice. Been working on a property this week and have been having trouble getting zs readings as it trips the rcd on a 17th edition cu. Property is pme. I've tried testing idividual circuits one by one and completely disconnecting all the others but it still trips...
  18. B

    Old B+W photos colourised free

    Its basic but free and fast. Colorize Black and White Photos - Just tried it with a random picture from google.
  19. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Neat and tidy

    Sweet job
  20. B

    Magnet fishing

    Well my grandaughter was bored and wanted to go for a walk ( I had prepared a seriously strong magnet and a rope earlier) so took her to the local canal. First we tried the lock area but got nothing (kids soon get bored) so tried the old boat jetty BINGO a prize every time. We got loads of...
  21. S

    Domestic Contactor and Underfloor Heating

    I have a flat that has Up and Under Heating system. The ceiling heating is fine. The underfloor heating has not worked for 18 months plus. There is an outside Pactrol sensor, which feeds into a Pactrol Weather Watcher control unit, which feeds into a Benedikt & Jager K2-23A10 Contactor. I...
  22. S

    risco wisdom wireless security system

    I've being called out to a customers alarm and its a risco panel full wireless system. on the display it is asking for a code to be entered and keeps flashing up call engineer, no matter what code I try nothing changes the panel just says wrong code I've been on riscos website and tried all the...
  23. N

    error4 on fluke 1651b tester

    Having problems with my 1651b fluke mft when measuring my ze when i clip the croc clip on earth and touch probes on phase and neutral it shows error 4 straight away without me pressing test. I've tried this at home too on my board same thing is it time for a new tester or leads. every other test...
  24. T

    Where to get new EICR form?

    Hi Folks Hoping someone can save what's left of my Friday night, I've spent the last hour trying to find the new EICR form but so far have failed! I'm very interested in taking out an app subscription as I'm dealing with a lot more corporate type clients lately and obviously it looks better...
  25. G

    2394/2395 college courses.

    Does anyone know of a college offering these courses in the north west, I've emailed a few just waiting for replays. I've seen independent training providers charging around 2k for these, I would have thought colleges are cheaper..? Cheers.
  26. J

    Audi battery intermittent drain

    Audi A6 – 2007 Since I bought the car 2.5 years ago at a main Audi dealership it’s had an intermittent battery drain which I’ve tried all sorts to trace. It’s getting steadily worse and none of the ‘standard’ techniques have traced it yet, mostly due to the intermittency of the fault. The...
  27. 5

    megger 12552

    someone to probably point out the obvious please. its a few years old and was last calibrated 2013. I have purchased the elecsa test card to avoid paying another £100.00 to calibrate, but i fear its now buggered. testing on the low ohms range, seems to be all over the place. join the leads...
  28. M

    Domestic 2006 Mazda3 Remote Locking works intermittently.

    Hi, Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer. I have a 2006 Mazda3. I have had it about 3 months and have found the remote central locking only works sometimes. When I get out the car and close the door and press the fob lock button, sometimes the car locks, often it doesn't. Locking...
  29. dez0178

    danfoss 103E5 control unit for central heating problem.

    Hi, My control unit is operating. The time is displaying and you can use the various functions but the problem is there is no red light illuminating and will not come on. Even the 1hr+ option isn't kicking in. The heating has been used since approx. early april. Hot water fine and so is boiler...
  30. Simon-0116

    conduit cutters

    What type do you use, had a set of one handed silverline, ok lasted 18 months, treated my self to some ck ratched type, cut 20 lengths 20mm and 1 length 25mm trunking, tried some 25mm today wont cut, just bending. Also find them hard to use as need to open with two hands and ratchet mechanism...
  31. Simon-0116

    star delta - generator

    Got star delta motor new installation, when goung into run just dies, dosrnt trip over losd, as if contactor not holding in on run. Wrong wiring diagram eith pannel, u1 goes u2, v1 to v2, w1 to w2 on motor windings. Running of a generator, 200kva, 50 kw motor, so man enough. Pannel firm...
  32. dlt27

    Really strange RCD happenings

    Sorry this is a long one! I have been carrying out testing and Inspecting for about 10 years now, but haven't come across what I found at my Mum and Dads house. I rewired it about 12 months ago. It is an old stone house and was a nightmare to do.(It's a TT system fed off overheads and a split...
  33. C

    Megger 1730

    Hi, have tried to download an instruction manual for a Megger 1730 which resulted in a nasty virus. Could any one give me a few pointers on the less self explanatory notes please?
  34. abbeyhouse

    Domestic PIR problem

    A block of flats has a set of outdoor security lights each switched on by a separate PIR sensor switch. The lights are 500w incandescent and the PIRs rated at 1000w or more. Different makes of PIR have been tried but after a few months they mostly fail by remaining turned on. Any thoughts on...
  35. J

    RCD tripping at 1/2 test

    Testing some new cabinets today which had in them a PDU with a 30mA rcd upfront as main switch. ( We build among other stuff, communications cabinets for highways, railways, etc). First one tested tripped on 1/2 fault current. Tried another cab, same thing. Did a ramp test, (tester is Kewtech...
  36. D

    Domestic Trying to find Legrand RCBOs

    Does anyone know of anywhere stocking Legrand RCBOs please? I'm after a 6A and a 20A for a job and cant seem to find them anywhere. I'm in South Wales but would be happy to buy from reputable on-line etc if necessary. Obviously I've tried all my local suppliers and even Screwfix dont have...
  37. M

    Studfinder for plasterboard

    Hi its been done before but no real serios answers anyone used the bosch studfinder with any great success Cheers
  38. infinity

    Canadian solar anywhere?

    Does anyone know where I can pick up 16 250w mono Canadian solar panels?
  39. stidge

    RCD problem

    Hi all, scenario is , Fitted new dual rcd MK Cu today. Testing rcd one ( next to main sw) all fine. Rcd two doesn't trip on x1 at all ( mft says 310ms)it trips on x5 but high reading approx 30 ms. Have tested with no loads connected. Changed rcd same results! Swapped rcd 1 & 2 round , works...
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