1. N

    Extending C/U circuits

    I appreciate this is a common situation when replacing a C/U and providng the C/U is not on display as such I have usually just added a junction box in the past to extend the circuit. Where there is sufficent space to extend a circuit inside a C/U I can't see any problem with using a wago...
  2. L

    Knipex amazon .de

    Just to let you know I was getting new knipex gear and was on amazon reading comments and one post said order from amazon germany so I went on and got these bad boys for £21 was 30+ on uk site was a few other items cheaper to haven't tyred with rest of eu yet funny this as well item...
  3. E

    Form filling on site And invoice software

    im looking at getting a tablet so I can fill out test certificates on site and maybe some invoicing software so I can also invoice at the end of the day. Also I find myself filling out certificates in my own time! When I'm starting to think I should be doing this in the customers time not mine...
  4. O

    Searching for bargains... Is there any way

    I haven't got the time to search on a regular basis for a couple of items, I could put a search on flea bay but would rather search the entire web automatically. Is there any website's you can use to log a search and for said site do it for you and alert you to any results? Thanks
  5. Leesparkykent

    kentec fire alarm

    What's peoples opinions on kentec fire alarm panels? I have an installation of about 80 points and been looking at this panel and Apollo XP95 range of devices. Any pitfalls, things I should look out for etc? Cheers
  6. D

    Director Redundancy - Too good to be true?

    I spotted this site and wondered if anyone has any experience of this? Redundancy Claim - Almost looks too good to be true.
  7. darkwood

    Throw that switch there!!! ... Yes that on DOH!!!!!!!! Makes me cringe that he tries extinguishing the remaining fire with handfulls of snow... :38:
  8. Soulsurfer

    Domestic meter tail isolator

    Hey all, I have a few installs coming up where I need to upgrade cu's and want to install isolators between DNO service head and new consumer units. I have only ever fitted before to twin supply houses on off peak storage heating and was under the impression that a straight enclosure with a...
  9. A

    help to wire combi boiler for underfloor heating and house radiators

    Hi there. Major cyber pint for anyone that can help me with this problem. I have a vokera vision c combi boiler( which has volt free connections) that has to do the house radiators and one room for underfloor heating. There is one motorised two port valve for Radiators and one for the...
  10. bigspark17

    Commercial Hospital and large commercial earthing arrangements

    Just pondering why hospitals and large commercial sites have many many earth pits sited 1 or 2 meters away from outer walls on corners and on pillars.? Is it to do with lightning protection or are the earthing arrangements tns or tt for these installs.?
  11. M

    Advice on which PV Software to get

    Hi Chaps, Im sure this has been asked before but as new software comes out all the time I thought Id see if anyone has tried something new. We primerily install PV on new build housing sites so the installs are usually small and basic. Every now and again we will do a flat roof or something a...
  12. S

    FCU and Led under-counter light problem

    Hi all, having a problem on a job... Using a switched FCU to control some LED under-cabinet strip lights. Customer reported that the lights were staying on after the FCU had been switched off. So I thought the FCU must be stuck in on position, so I replaced the unit. Had a call from the customer...
  13. GMES

    Can you just tidy my panel up a bit!!!!

    Got asked if I could just tidy up a customers panel up a bit, he said his previous guy used to be able to get the Machine running all the time but wasn't the tidiest of guys. within 2 minutes of looking at this mess I had cost the customer quite a lot of money. The isolator you see does...
  14. DaveyD


    Hi everyone. Im an electrician but I don't install PV I am doing some works and changing a cu. The customer already has pv fitted. There is no room to add a separate board and they have put a 16a mcb on the rcd side if the 16th edition board. TNC-S earthing arrangement. The cable is buried...
  15. C

    Renault laguna abs/ecu fault

    Hi all, hoping somebody could possibly help me on this one. I am going to buy a second hand abs unit with same model no for car etc but will I have to get Renault to re programme the module to the car?? Renault abs units are £1200 with programming!! Many good one's one e-bay for £45 ish. Have a...
  16. A

    Old imperial conduit box lid screws

    Any one know the size of the old imperial conduit box screws ?? I don't have callipers. They look to me like 5/16" screws any help appreciated
  17. D

    testing after DB change

    Alright lads what do you allow for and how much depth do you go into with regard to testing when changing a CU? I typically allow a day time wise for say an 8 way board in a 3 bed house, stating there may be faults that the new equipment may pick up and it may incur additional cost to rectify...
  18. E

    Underfloor heating has L-N-E only. Is there something missing?

    I have been asked to wire a thermostat to and underfloor heating system on an extension I am wiring, the builder installed it and tiled the floor and threw the box and instructions away!!!! There is only L-N-E in the box to connect so obviously I cannot wire a thermostat. Is this correct or...
  19. W

    Fuse Wire

    A little add on from another thread Who has been caught out on a call out and they had no fuse wire for a 3036. I remember one having to find the nearest wilkos? wondered what others have experienced?
  20. R


    Am i correct in thinking you don't need to be registered with a scammer scheme to do ECIR's?
  21. S

    107 or 117 core drill size

    Hi, what size core drill, do you generally use for cutting 100mm core holes 107mm or 117mm. Cheers
  22. P

    Fuse types an BS numbers

    When doing a condition report what's the best way to find out fuse types , bs numbers an type of main fuse is being used if its an old installation an your not sure ?? An advice would be much aprciatated :stupid:
  23. S

    testing under part p

    hi guys, im in the process of registering with a part p scheme and wondered if someone could clear a few things up for me in regards to testing. i understand if i work on a circuit then i test that circuit etc, and obviously a full test on a rewire. its the pir that confuses me, if someone were...
  24. I

    security light cable

    when wiring a security light the type with mounting bracket, do you run the cable inside the bracket to the wiring box or outside the bracket ? i understand that it depends on cable run but i usually try to run it inside the bracket to allow for adjustment.
  25. 5

    Where do I find the serial number on a fluke 1652 mft

    The only number I can find is a barcode sticker in the battery compartment. Is this it?
  26. leespeed

    M.O.T testing garage

    what frequency of eicr 1 or 5 years i,d say yearly as its in constant use ...........input pls
  27. S

    what fuse type cut out do i have?

    once again im in need of someone's knowledge. ive just been testing my house today. but when it comes to the cert i think the cut out fuse is a BSEN 1361 type 2 100A: if so is the sort circuit capacity 33 KA? also how do you identify what type main fuse is fitted? i know it usually says on the...
  28. M

    Schedule of protection settings on G83/1form (UK power network form)

    On the UK power networks G83/1 notification form, in the section information to be included, where it asks for- Computer print out (where possible)or other schedule of protection settings what do you include? is it just a link to the inverters manufacturers website or ? and Electricity...
  29. S

    newly mcs!!!

    Hi all ive recently achieved my mcs, ive completed 1 installation and registered it with gem serve and received the certificate. is that all i need to do? im not quite sure of the rest of the process do i need to contact the dno ?
  30. A

    Anti-reflective coating on panels

    In reference to the other thread I started: the installer is proposing to clean off alloy scratches (on ten of my sixteen panels) with a Stanley knife blade...
  31. B

    Discounts for cash

    The last few quotes I have given the customer is insistant on a discount for cash. I refuse to as the price I give is what it actually costs and as I do everything above board and by the book and as such a cheque doesnt really effect me. Thing is I think it is costing me jobs. What is the rest...
  32. M

    pricing extensions?

    I am pricing a 2 storey house extension 2moro, just looking for a bit of advice, do use usually price per point or per shift. Not sure of the size of it yet.
  33. M

    Metrel or Megger

    Wow my first post... I usually come in from work, load up my pc and read through the very interesting post. Sometimes with a wry smile, something with a shock of horror, like 'are you really asking that ?' kind of thing... Quick intro, I'm Mark from Nottinghamshire, via Australia, moved back...
  34. K

    Size of Submains

    Got some one bedroom flats to wire & install Submains. Usually would install 25mm 3 core SWA (just to cover myself) but prices are tight.Flats only have lighting, sockets and cooker as heating supplied with Gas boiler. Question is:- Would 16mm 3 core SWA be ok
  35. Amp David

    Marking on former of conduit bender

    Why is there a mark stamped into the former on some conduit benders. Is it to line up the mid point of a crank set so the length of the conduit doesn't become to short when the set is pulled. Seen a video on doing crank sets, and the guy marks 50mm from the edge of the former and make a mark...
  36. S

    tv/sky points pricing

    how much do you charge for wiring sky/tv points in a home??
  37. N

    Underfloor heating

    Hi All, I am wiring up an extension which includes underfloor heating. Here is a pic I took of the control gear. I have never wired these things up? What do I do next? Does this cable go to a stat then onto the c/u? Thanks. Nick
  38. J

    Why can't I just replace the capacitor and everything work again :(

    If only cap replacement worked every time, I was given good info that replacing the caps on power adapters and alarm consoles and the such would solve all my life's problems. And now that it doesn't I'm looking for the next micro-adjustment to save myself from putting in a whole brand new unit...
  39. E

    Underfloor Heating

    Hi a friend has had a sparky in to do the first fix for his kitchen and conservatory. However after numerous phone calls the guy will not come back to finish off the work. I went around today to see if I can help and am a little bit puzzled. There is going to be 2 underfloor heating systems...
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