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  1. haptism

    Varilight Dimmer max loading

    Hi, hope someone can advise. Ive just called Varilight helpline in regards to max loadings on their 300w trailing edge LED single gang dimmer. They tell me that I can have a maximum of x30 10w leds on the dimmer. Most info out there regarding dimming LED suggests to divide the dimmers wattage...
  2. J

    buzzing LED's

    On a full house refurb I done the elec's for- put in all LED'S LED lamps- 5w dim able Osrams Dimmers- BG nexus (with the new little dial on the back- not actually too sure what this does) downlights- JCC fireguard I put in around 35 altogether- and 4 or 5 of them buzz which the client has...
  3. Simon-0116

    2 gang 2 way 500w dimmer rope edge brass

    Looked at a favour for my auntie, dimmer switch smelling burnt. 10 x 35 / 50 w on each gang, and switch rated at 250 w. Her electrican can' t see the problem says its cheap switches. Need a 500 w dimmer for safety sakes. Wholesalers only got 400w 2 gang or 1000 w single. Dosnt want to...
  4. C

    Domestic Looking for a remote switch to control light switch downstairs

    Hi there, apologies if I am posting in the wrong section but this looks like a fantastic place to get an answer! I have two light switches downstairs about five paces from one another that control the same hall light downstairs. I want a switch upstairs but it is a horrible run for an...
  5. O

    Info from JCC Technical re Dimmers for JCC7 & JCC6

    All I got the attached from JCC today and thought that it may be useful for members on here!
  6. R

    Recommendations for a module for dimmable LEDs

    Hi I need a module to fit behind a MK logic faceplate, that dims Megaman 6w LED spots. I've 4 x 6w LEDs 5 x 6w LEDs Whatever the electrician fitted stopped working after a few days. The standard MK dimmer module worked much better, though it did buzz. Be grateful for some...
  7. 1Justin

    Which dimmer for CFL. Silent?

    Can someone suggest a single module grid dimmer which is: A) Quiet B) Works with dimmable CFL (leading edge needed I think) C) Works on 88W CFL load? I've spent all afternoon on this one, and have come up only with ones I know are either noisy (Varilight V-dim) and those I have had had LOADS...
  8. 1Justin

    Varilight V-Pro grid dimmers problems anyone?

    Has anyone had problems with Varilight V-Pro grid dimmers? I've had enough, installation so far has cost me 4 call-outs (unpaid) and now I'm upset to keep annoying my customer, it will probably cost me another £100 in parts to swap out the Varilight and replace with (probably) MK...
  9. D

    what frequency do 'HFAC' low voltage transformers (like varilight) typically output?

    Hi, I'm replacing low voltage halogen with MR11 and MR16 LED bulbs. AC supply would be simplest because of existing wiring, but I'm concerned about LED flicker: Characterizing and Minimizing LED Flicker - Lighting Solutions | DigiKey I'm looking at varilight transformers: VARILIGHT...
  10. W

    remote control switches

    hey guys, can anybody recomend and remote dimmers, i know varilight do them, that offer touch aswell, are they any good?
  11. M

    Grid Switches

    Has anyone tried to fit Varilight in to MK grids and plates? I need to change a one way grid switch to a dimmer at home, being a tight sod I dont want to pay 20+ quid for an MK one for a light that rarely gets used, Varilight grid dimmer is just over a fiver! Still works out cheaper for me to...
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