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Discuss Anyone else doing level 3 ? Assignment 615 ??? in the New Member Introductions area at ElectriciansForums.net


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Just was handed an this assigment two days ago. Anyone else had the same ???
Should have been handed out in the beginning of term.


Active EF Member
Yes pool cafe block. They want you to work out every circuit, which I think it's a bad design. You should only have 20 hours to complete it, our Tutor said not many people could complete and get it right.
How mant circuits have you done?


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They said the same to us. 20hrs home study and 20 hrs at college. Says a min of 11 circuits but there are 14 rooms each needing seperate db's. So including the 14 rooms and my pool and cafe block. I have about 26 circuits. How far have you got on it and I would read everything properly before attempting everything. Most lads in my class never went through it properly and missed parts out. ;);)


Active EF Member
Yes I was on roughly 25 circuits.
Our Tutor hasn't got a clue himself, a very disappointing assignment.

Luke Green

EF Member
Lol good luck m8. If you get stuck a don't mind bouncing ideas back and forward o_O;)o_O;):D
I've just been given this assignment to, and I've been told that it needs to be done by next Monday! I do all my course/studying at home so they won' even give me any guidance. Can you help me?

david sweeney

New EF Member
Just done mine. Total nightmare. Lecturer hadn't a clue, told to change answers that I got from 7671 as they weren't the same as his answer sheet. They don't want the correct answer they want what's on there sheet even when its wrong. Don't forget escape lighting in every room and corridors


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Hope a don't get mine back. Every 1s questions are different thou same drawings just not all colleges had same questions. That's what I heard. Some people in my class passed anyway just waiting my Mark :)


Regular EF Member
It's interesting so many people seem to be doing this module now, must be the difference between college courses and people doing it on apprenticeships or privately or something. My course finished at the end of June and we did this module at the beginning of 2017 although some people didn't finish it until the last minute.

It took me ages to work out several spreadsheets worth of names for all my distribution boards and chose lighting fixtures off websites and work out the total watts/amps each lighting or power circuit was going to need and therefore what protective device each circuit required.

I wonder when my certificates will turn up in the post, no sign of them yet...

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