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Anyone on here done the abovementioned course?

If so, can you give us some details about it?

How did you find it?
Was it useful?
Would you recommend it?
Etc, etc, waffle, waffle
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never done this one bane ,got various safety certs over the years but the one companies want these days is the cscs/ecs card


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But to work in the petro-chemical industry you will need a compex certificate
Is a complex certificate folded up like origami? That would be a true complex certificate.

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As Ian.settle1 you would need this if wanting to work on petro-chem sites.

"Potentially explosive atmospheres occur in onshore and offshore petrochemical plants and refining plants. They are also found in distilleries, paint spraying plants, flourmills, woodworking machine plants, the water industry and petrol forecourt environments. Failure to ensure safe working practices in these circumstances could result in the ignition of explosive gases or dust clouds leading to injury or even fatalities."

I completed the hazardous area course in 1995 this was very useful for me as i was going to work offshore and have worked on various sites since ( gas terminals and waste water sites)this certificate was required for working on these sites.


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I did smile whilst I said it though.


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I work offshore and done my Compex (hazardous areas it gets called as well).

To work offshore or in the petro-chem side of things (witch farm, isle of grain etc) this is a must.

I did mine at Aset in Aberdeen, you can do it at various place through out the UK.

Its a 5 day course and covers installation of I.S (intrinsically safe) and non I.S circuits, maintenance and inspection.

Most course you sit EX 01/2/3/4 to cover the above but you can also sit EX 05 and 06 modules to work in combustible dust atmospheres (mines etc)

Price varies from £750 - 1000 + VAT.

I use it every day im at work and it is invaluable and a very important safety tool/course.

Id recommend it to folk who are looking to get into the oil and gas industry as its the minimum requirement you need.
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when i was working in kent at the gas power station on the isle of grain their were loads of people who had the compex i have a phone number for the course if you want it
but it was a week without wages and a grand to pay but on saying that you got paid £28ph for every hour weekends included


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I Have done Comp'EX and it as a great course to have but not for domestic, it is pointless for domestic.

Working in Petrochemical Industry (or dealing with anywhere with pottentially explosive atmospheres) such as Petrol garages and refinarys, stuff like that it is very usefull.

It Ensures that you are putting the correct pieces of kit in the right areas thus not creating an explosion.

It is practically essential to have it now to get offshore.


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ive done the compex course at hull and its quite easy but i have got 20years heavy industry experiance.i think a house basher would find it tricky.its basically teaches you about different gases and zones and what ex equipment can be used in what zones.i took it cos of the job climate at the moment being so could be the difference between having a job and not having a job


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well am ****ting it big tme i as as analyser tech have been offered job to go the rigs yippee,they want me to do compex on our site only 1 lad trained in it,most of us arnt still have work in pretrochemical industry for 20 yrs plus but gland making not alot off and exx d a i ect zone 0 1 2 sum idea oh no. here we go,any 1 got any ideas to brush up on thanks
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