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I don't know how much is my monitor and how much is my eyesight, but it looks like at the top there's brown in the right hand terminal, and green in the left. At the bottom I really can't see what is in the right hand terminal, but it looks like black on the left. So I'd assumed it was L on the right and N on the left - i.e. the opposite of the markings on the RCD.
Ah, turned f.lux* off, I see the top-left is now blue. Ah again, I can now see what you mean on the bottom.

* For those that don't know it, f.lux is a package that dims the screen (especially the blues) based on time of day. So you get less blue light telling your brain that it's mid day when working on a screen in the evening. Have to say, regardless of whether it's right or not about the effect of blue light on sleep patterns, it's a lot easier to work with when all around is going dark - this full brightness mode I'm on now is hard on the eyes.
is that flux package free?
Aico 3000
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I love it when you can see multiple installation methods in one example.
In case the pic isn't clear, we have SWA in corrugated conduit, exposed, from the ground up to about 2m, then it's cemented in for a bit, then it emerges and is sort-of cleated for the rest of the run.
View attachment 61305
If it's swa I see they decided that SWA glands were too difficult to fit as well...

The washing line above it is particularly artistic with it's 45 degree slope as well


Am I being daft?

Only problem I can see with the install is that they have forgotten to put the covers on.

Otherwise, I would employ the person who put that lot together, in a heart beat.

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