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Can definitely say I've found the Millwaukee stuff good - I use the 12V for most things because of the lightness (Combi Drill and Impact) then treated myself to an 18V Combi for the longer holes through walls and even that is incredibly compact.

You can definirely get some good prices at Screwfix or Toolstation - Just be wary if comparing screwfix kit prices across the internet - they have a habit of getting special kits that are only produced for them and may be slightly lower spec than ones on other websites (not brushless for example).

I did look at the Milwaukee 12v SDS but you are limited by the chuck size and can only fit a 12mm Drill Bit in. I had the one from Toolstation. Which was excellent, but I found the SDS a little big and awkward to use, above ceilings etc. So decided to look at the Screwfix kit as it looks good and the storage boxes are great.
I don't think you can go far wrong with the price and as said before if you can do a deal with employer you may not need to pay the vat.


My current set is HitachI , I must admit for the cheap price I am rather impressed.
I have used them and abused them for a good few years now and they are still going strong

I have the 18v combi , 18v impact and the torich (lost the torch which was annoyin)

think I paid about £160-180 ball park
I’m looking to buy a new Drill set - SDS/Combi and possibly impact after mine were stolen unfortunately. I’ve saved up some money and found a kit on Screwfix that look okay: https://www.screwfix.com/p/dewalt-d...ushless-cordless-4-piece-power-tool-kit/2013p

Any recommendations would be great. I’ve roughly £500 to spend.
I bought this set last year (or was it the year before) on sale sub £500. Anyway.

SDS is great for chasing and also used to remove rough cast of house, but it is heavy, tiring if having to use above head height.

Drill is good with enough power and torque settings.

Impact driver, has three settings, first setting is good for screws into plaster board (just), setting 2 is the one I use for screwing into hard wood or removing stubborn screws. Setting 3 is way to powerful.

Torch is alright, for having a quick look around dark places, but not any good to use as a portable worklight. Don't really use it.

Boxes the come seem great, but they are bulky. SDS and torch come in the large box loads of space (to store SDS bits loosely. Driver and impact come in smaller box with charger (with top cover pops open for storage of drills bits etc. Personally I would have preferred set came in a bag, then again boxes do really protect your tools.
Slightly off topic and a long shot but are you in the unite union? Did an ecs test not that long ago and they were pushing union membership, with tool cover being included as a benefit of membership


I have just moved over to Milwaukee. Exactly the same as you are looking for. Also a multi tool on top. Denmans have just got to selling them. I got a really good deal on the SDS (£200) body only. Bought an extra battery. I was also buying a lot of other kit for a rewire so got the price with that purchase. I am quite impressed with them. Hikoki (hokey cokey, makes me think of that!) were Hitachi and as commented they have gone up in price, unjustified in my opinion. Chucks keep going! The hammer on the combi and impact are better than dewalt, hikoki and makita, again in my opinion. I put an armeg stubby joist drill in the impact and am through that joist in five seconds and no effort, I am talking 10 x 3 joists.

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