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Having seen 'others' throw the dummy out I am now in full agreement.
Some guys could not wire a christmas tree, yet the labour luvvies way is through 'paying for it'.
An aquaintance of mine now is more skilled than me, he has power over me. He did a 12-week testing course, I have 20 years.
He does not understand 3-phase stuff. In actual fact he could not wire a 2-way switch, I am not kidding. He gets work through his 'testing skills' I can tell you now he is absolutely 'thick' I am not exergerating. I know now there are thousands like him wandering about.

I am not going to pay the bandits through the nose for what is expected of a real spark, there has always been protection. If you kill/injure someone through bad practice then you will be sued.

It is bent, money for pretend skills I am not going to subscribe to this government protection racket...and it seems there are thousands like me

ps, this guy I'm on about is doing ok, he gets work and plenty of it. But he ain't got a clue..In fact he installs dodgy wiring, dodgy circuits. His latest was a motor in a bakery, 100 amp, wired in 1.5mm 4-core. He assumed 100a / 3 which even so was still well short. The bakery even provided switchgear....mm, I asked why do you think the bakery gave you a 100a tp&n to terminate. Well he said, I thought they were going over the top...

Well how did you terminate a 1.5 into a 100a breaker....easy, I just doubled over at connection. Mm, ok it should be alright....perhaps employees will be able to toast bread on your cable.
He asked, is the cable not big enough?
Err nope, go on further courses. So then he asked what size should it be?

Err, bigger I said. (under breath get ****ed you friggin chancer) no advice from me
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Ive always said, that anyone can have all the electrical qualifications in the world but that does not make them a good sparky.

End of.


I couldn't agree more. I've recently passed my 2391 but if I don't learn something new about electrical installation every day then I feel I've missed out. You can't beat experience.


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I had to laugh WATTSUP! I totally agree!! But if you wanna see cowboy's come to Spain Iv'e seen some crackin installations over here, Mind you! It keeps me busy!! And as for the I.E.E.17th what is the point? Sparky pay is still crap and City & Guilds are not recognised anywhere else other than the U.K. so all you guys trying to get work in other parts of the world forget it! Unless of course you have the National Electrical Code 2008 qualifications.


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agree - worked for a builder who decided to be a spark took him about a month at a cost of about £3000, i was there when he had onsite inspection and because he wasnt sure on testing the inspector talked to him about health safety etc... now hes all up and running as a spark and cant wire a lighting circuit let alone test - what a joke.....
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