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I am looking for some advice on pricing, i am registered as a Ltd company and a Nic Eic domestic installer and for the last few years i have been sub contracting doing commercial jobs and fitting in my own domestic work where ever i can for extra cash, I am now looking to finding my own work and making use of being registered with the Nic, I could do with some advice on pricing and advertising etc to get me started.
I have priced jobs in the past but im still not 100% sure i was doing it right as it all seem to be guesswork, Im told alot of people charge between £50-£70 per point for rewires and the total covers the other bits like the board and bonding etc and that for the smaller jobs such as changing light fittings sockets etc are charged at £30 p/h does this sound right or is there a more structured way to pricing jobs?

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