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  1. D

    need to solve voltage drop over long run

    Ok so at some point I'm going to need to run another leg, until then. I have a main panel, 230v 80ft run to a we'll & pump, then a 900 ft run up to water tank and a pressure pump with another panel. Then a 120v leg off that that I want to plug an RV to. All 10 gauge 30 amps. With such a long run...
  2. G

    Circuit Breaker drops before Fuse

    I have underfloor heating rated at 3kW. The circuit goes through a fused switch with a 13A fuse in it. That is supplied directly from the main fuse box with a B16 circuit breaker dedicated to that circuit alone. Every time we use the system, it warms up for a bit, then the circuit breaker goes...
  3. NeilOrme

    Display drops out on SMA 3000TL-US, but inverter still outputs

    My newest inverter has a strange issue - the display quits but the inverter still works. I verified the voltage/amperage when display was out, and it's still working. This doesn't seem to affect production, but the intermittent lack of a display is of concern. Also, the "today's output" is...
  4. malcolmsanford

    So this week Trunking

    So a couple of months ago we had this ................. To end up with this.................... The panel is not as nice as I would have liked. It is not to any British Standard and both the Earth and Neutral bars were solid pieces of copper, which our lads were going to drill and attach 4-6...
  5. A

    Preferred cable type and installation method

    Just about to start the design on a refurbished school and looking for suggestions on cable type and installation method. I've always been a fan of trunking and conduit with eitherT&E or singles on commercial installs due to robustness and quality but understand the cost implications and have...
  6. rustynails

    no cpc customer wants metal fittings etc....

    This has been posted about a lot but I wanted to ask a really stupid question. I can only run 4mm single g/y to each metal fitting from the board which is dual rcd 30ma. I cannot touch the drops, stipulated by the landlord. Is it acceptable to issue a mwc for this, write a safety letter and...
  7. L

    Dado trunking feeds

    Hi chaps. What are the permitted zones for concealed wiring feeding Dado trunking? I am doing a small class room extension and the architect wants the pvc conduits that drop down from the suspended ceiling to feed the Dado concealed in the stud wall. Is this permitted? Cheers Lee
  8. S

    My Ongoing Domestic Questions...

    Me again ;) Ok, oval conduit... 13mm 16mm 20mm or 25mm? I'm going to get my hands on a wall chaser so depth shouldn't be a problem, so therefore I'm torn between 16mm and 20mm as I presume 25mm isn't really that necessary. I know some may say don't bother with capping but I want to use it as...
  9. M

    what is under voltage trip?

    hi every one i wanna know that what is under voltage trip? your reply must appreciate thanks advance:goofy:
  10. D

    lighting breaker sizes

    Forgive me if im just being stupid...but the on site guide shows that a 1.5 mm cabe can carry a current of ...12a...or summat like that..cant remember now...... Why then do we protect lighting circuits with a 6a beaker ? ....or am just being dumb here..???:confused:
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