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  1. L

    Tricks for installing CarFlex/LiquidTight along narrow Fence Rail

    I have a project coming up to add a few outlets along an outdoor fence for outdoor lighting. It's a wooden fence and I am planning to run the conduit along the horizontal rail. I'm planning to use 1/2 CarFlex/Liquidtight since the fence follows some hefty curves in the yard. Where I'm...
  2. R

    Fence Lighting

    I am having my fence updated using the horizontal slats and would like to install some up/down lights. I am happy with the switching etc im using wireless Quinetic ones. I was just wondering what is the best way to wire these, do i have to trench SWA along the fence line, up to a JB/Conduit...
  3. J

    Lights on garden fence

    Hello, I’m going to install some outside lighting, the plan was to use 1.5mm armoured cable from a supply in the garage, run under the new patio that will be laid, going to a weatherproof switch and then from the switch to the first light on the garden fence and so on. there is already a...
  4. J

    Domestic 24v Garden fence lights - series or parallel??

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get a little advice on a small project I plan to carry out over the next few weeks. I plan to install 10x 6w GU10 LED bulbs (fitted inside some suitable outdoor light boxes) on each fence post along a 30 metre garden fence, the lights will be powered...
  5. AlmondSauce

    Bulkheads on wooden fence post

    Hi all, after some guidance about whether it's a) legal and/or b) frowned upon to install 240V bulkheads fixed to a wooden fence post? I've heard conflicting advice over the years, with some saying no problem as long as it's secured to the post, not the panel, and others saying that since a...
  6. B

    Why I never wear a wedding ring GRAPHIC CONTENT do not open if queasy

    A footballer trying to climb a fence lost his finger when his wedding ring caught on top of a chail link fence. It was torn off by his body weight. There are numerous instances of rings doing this and I firmly believe I would have no finger to put a ring on if I had worn one. full story here...
  7. N

    Clipping cable/conduit on a fence?

    Years ago this issue was a bit vague whether swa or conduit could be clipped along a fence rather than running it underground which is often a pain to do with certain garden layouts, as well as more hassle and expense people don't want. So would clipping swa or conduit along a fence be...
  8. Adie moore

    pond pump wire

    I've been to quote on a job today where the customer had dug a pond / water feature in to the garden. their is no raised edge around the pond, it will go grass, edging bricks, water all at about the same level. it's a very minimalist look he is going for. the edge of the feature is about 2M from...
  9. dlt27

    RCD Tripping.....

    Can anybody help... Went to a job Friday where apparently RCD is coming out once every couple of nights. The rcd covers 4 circuits which are sockets, sockets, heating and outdoor shed. I have carried out a blanket test and I am getting a reading of about 20M This is with loads conncted apart...
  10. Robotstar5

    PV battery charging?

    Never had anything to do with PV so here goes... Got an electric fence at the stables powered by a 12V leisure battery, have to re-charge about every 12 weeks. Had a look at fitting a PV to charge it and there seems to be a couple of types, one connects straight to battery with a blocking diode...
  11. Q

    External power supply to outbuilding

    ​I want to power up my shed that is 30m away, it will have a light inside and two outside, I will have a separate consumer unit fitted and will have 4 sockets. I have 6mm steel armoured cable, can I surface mount it to my fence or does it have to be buried? Please help.
  12. Doomed

    Conduit on wooden fence

    I know that conduit on wooden fence is bad practise, but where does it atually say this, and is it just bad practise or a no no? (25mm conduit feeding a garden shed, saddles approx 1 foot above ground level)
  13. D

    swa to outbuilding

    hi guys. got a job to quote for for for an outbuilding. in the past been lucky enough to get an swa cable under the ground, but this time theres not much chance of that. as its for only a couple of sockets my easiest and cheapest route would be to fuse down a spur from the ring inside the...
  14. N

    Supply for outbuilding

    Hi, I have been asked to supply an outside office(shed) with one socket and lighting. There is no metalwork in there. Can somebody point me in the right direction with regards to regs about clipping SWA to permanent boundaries and when or if you are allowed to clip SWA to a fence, what height...
  15. RWJ

    Domestic POLL - Neutrals at switches

    As the title suggests In respect to the debate in this thread I've decided to launch a poll to gage response from the forum. 3 Answers GOOD / ACCEPTABLE - If you think Neutrals at...
  16. C

    Outdoor SWA Distribution Circuit; Can it be clipped to a FENCE?

    Hi Can anybody pls advise ... I was under the impression that it is ok to clip SWA along a wall - but not a fence, because a fence is not deemed a permanent structure? I believed that your only choice was to clip to a wall or bury 600mm deep? I recently lost a job because the customer was...
  17. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC registration & Rewire to a shed And supply

    Hi guys, wonder if i could get some info, regarding 1 or 2 things 1. I'm looking at doing my NICEIC testing and inspection registration, got to go through the the trouble of finding 2 differant sites that i can do before this, i.e. getting building control in to interfere with rubbish input...
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