1. B

    What Happens During Meter Calibration

    as some of you know my background is as an electrician in the RAF mainly working on 3 phase machines including generators. When it comes to meter calibration they are always done and any meter found to be out of calibration is quarantined until it’s been done. My new employer seems much more...
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    NICEIC Certification Scheme What happens on a NICEIC assessment

    Just come across this video on you tube on thomas nagy's feed, we often get people asking about joining a scheme - usually competent persons rather than approved contractor and this video might be useful for some of you wondering about what happens, I am guessing the niceic jumped at the chance...
  3. Lip.82

    I know this happens but this is the first time I've seen it

    I came across this today. Does anyone know how long it takes to totally destroy a cable?
  4. M

    Videx 8k-1 please help

    Hi all I've just installed like for like videx door entry but when I press call button nothing happens? It's all been wired like for like.communication works both ways but nothing happens when button is pushed? Could the receiver be the problem? It's the only thing I haven't replaced.tia
  5. D

    heating a phase under tension experiment

    Heating a phase under tension experiment. I would like to know what happens exactly when apply heat to an insulated phase under tension . Even over the fusion temp of the insulated protection. Best Regards
  6. sam400

    Megger cm500 tester problem

    Hi all, I ve just bought a S/H megger CM500 tester, I can't get the insulation resistance test to work, I ve tried various different leads, checked the fuses, changed the batteries and it still won't work. All that happens is you get 3 short beeps and the symbol of a little man/earth flashes in...
  7. D

    Industrial Safety relay vs Plc

    Righto just a quick question.. I've been informed that a safety relay must be used for your estop circuit, but why can't you just use ladder logic to create your estop circuit? Does every one use a safety relay or does anyone use only a Plc logic for your safety circuit? Thanks, Dale..
  8. Dan

    George Osborne in 50bn private sector building vow

    The government is to underwrite up to £50bn of private sector building projects which need finance, in an effort to boost growth. Read the full news article
  9. G

    battery chargers keep blowing?

    Hi all, saw my brother over Xmas and he has a problem with battery chargers fusing out when he turns them on, now blown 3 different ones. All other things work ok. Any suggestions would be helpfull before i call round to look, thanks in advance. Graham
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