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  1. A

    sharing one MCCB for 2 loads

    Happy new year everyone! During one my my inspections in an existing warehouse, I saw their electrician has pulled a wire from the incomer side of an existing panel ( panel A, 3 pole isolator as an incomer), to feed another e phase panel(panel B). The upstream breaker is an MCCB ( in panel C)...
  2. oracle

    Periodic testing with the power on and all loads connected

    I recently watched a tester and his mate do a periodic inspection and testing on a social housing dwelling without turning off the power or disconnecting any loads. The Ze was measured without disconnecting the main earth conductor and Zs taken with the loads connected. They subtracted the...
  3. marconi

    Zellweger mains signalling for switching off peak loads

    I thought folk might be interested in the Zellweger mains signalling system which I discovered yesterday. My sister wanted to know if she had economy 7 electricity in her rented home. She described to me the intake which as well as the cutout, meter and CU included a 'small black shoebox'...
  4. S

    Interaction between loads - power quality and noise.

    Hello, Sorry if this isn't the right forum for this. Didn't look to be far off... So I'm looking for some advice please with regards to interaction between loads sharing a circuit. I understand (or think I do!) a lot of the composite concepts and I think I have an idea of what my answer might...
  5. S

    Forum loading problem

    @Dan Have you done something to the forum recently? In the last day or so, loading any page has started taking ages, giving Waterfox Not responding and sometimes Unresponsive script warning. It appears to be related to the blue 'Electricians Talk/Jobs' box. It's fine once that box loads up.
  6. kingeri

    Domestic 4mm 32a Radial In Trunking

    Changed a CU today and noticed the kitchen sockets were wired in 4mm t&e surface mounted in trunking and on a 32A breaker. Now, the CCC for this is strictly only 30A (ref.method B). Would anyone be overly bothered about this? Common sense tells me that it is unlikely this cable will be asked to...
  7. J

    hager rcbo/ c/u

    Evening chaps think they will- but not really used much hager... will the attached pic of rcbo fit fine inside 3rd ammendment hager c/u (link below) Hager Design 10 Metal 20 Way Consumer Unit - 100A Main Switch (Amendment 3) VML120 - The Electrical Guys cheers guys
  8. W

    What's needed for domestic if already qualified and have 2391?

    Hi guys, I'm already qualified as apprentice trained (NG Bailey) to 17th edition (new, C&G parts 1&2 and AM2) and have 2391 test/inspect. I worked on industrial/commercial from 91-2008 then moved over to periodic inspections. I've been out of it the last three years to bring our daughter up till...
  9. polo1

    Wylex 80A 30ma rcd - and known issues?

    Hi folks, carrying out an EICR yesterday. Board is a split Wylex (main switch with the rcd covering half the board). All circuits are on the rcd side. Problem I encountered was trying to take 'no trip' Zs readings, the rcd always trips. The meter (1520) is definitely on the correct setting...
  10. 1Justin

    Would you say I could use B type breaker here?

    I have a big place to work on here. Have come across a long lighting circuit where I need to repair/extend damaged end of the circuit. There are 8 PL type Florescent loads distributed evenly. Due to the (measured & validated) R1+R2, since the circuit is probably ~>60M long in 1.5 T&E, I need...
  11. G

    Balancing a 3 phase load

    I have a question on balancing a load. We have 3 cabins with the following loads: 10kW, 8kW and 3kW, supplied by a three phase supply. Each cabin will have it's own supply. Is there a simple way of balancing these loads, or is it possible?
  12. F

    work related apps

    anyone discovered any decent work related apps recently
  13. A

    diversity- commercial kitchen

    I'm curious as to what diversity any of you may apply to a commercial kitchen. All electrical appliances. So far I've added everything up and total max demand before diversity is 220amps. I've applied 70% overall at the mo but just wondered what others would think.
  14. M

    MERLIN GERIN Multi 9 4P RCD RCCB 100A 300mA

    Does anyone know if there is a common problem with the Merlin Multi 9 RCCB 4 pole 100Amp 300mA, not tripping as we have replaced an existing unit with a new one but the issue is the same, Many Thanks Mark
  15. B

    Using rotary isolators for switching loads on and off?

    Hi Can you use rotary isolators to switch resistive loads on and off on a regular basis (talking 18KW load here) I personally thought not, that it should be controlled through a contactor but I have seen another installation that is using isolators thx Bigfoots
  16. Midwest

    RCBO X5 trip time out, caused by washing machine

    I've used a particular socket in my kitchen to carry out monthly calibration checks (ZS & RCD) on my MFT, for several months with no issues. Last week I carried out my tests on my MFT and the x5 RCD test timed out at 40ms. Thinking I had a faulty RCBO, I replaced today, but the fault remained...
  17. dlt27

    RCD Tripping.....

    Can anybody help... Went to a job Friday where apparently RCD is coming out once every couple of nights. The rcd covers 4 circuits which are sockets, sockets, heating and outdoor shed. I have carried out a blanket test and I am getting a reading of about 20M This is with loads conncted apart...
  18. C

    Domestic RCBO Trip times very strange.

    Hi when testing an rcbo trip times with 2 vapour proof fittings switched on the times were 378 on times 1 and 154 on times 5 but when i test the rcbo with the vapour proof fittings switched off the times are 21 times 1 and 19 times 5 has anyone had this before. i am using a calibrated robin...
  19. M

    RCD tripping

    Hi All I have a prob i hope someone has come across clients RCD is tripping at odd times. Doest seem to be any pattern or any specific piece of equipment causing it. Not one particular circuit either...trips on downstairs ring, upstairs ring, lightings name it. Wont reset until all mcbs...
  20. S

    Choosing the Generator For The Load

    I need to provide a generator to site. Do I check the current rating of all the equipment to be used at this site (It isn't a large site), total them up and look for a generator with that load capacity? Is it that simple or am I missing something?
  21. C

    Tearing hair (and RCD) out

    Hi have a problem which I hope that somebody can shed some light on. New install on existing TT supply, with two DBs fed from an SWA sub main with 100mA S type RCD and 100A switchfuse at the origin (no other loads on supply). DB 1 is for a new install and all circuits are protected with 30mA...
  22. W

    Megger MFT1720

    Want to purchase one of these. Anybody got views. How about this 2 wire testing:ack2:
  23. C

    rcd not tripping on test

    Hi All Changed a C.U today, Volex (not my choice but customer supplied it) Dual RCD, one 80A & one 63a. All test results good except on RCD test at socket outlets. on half test all OK, on 5 x test all OK but on 1 X test @ 180 no trip but fine @ 0. Ramp test ok. When tested at RCD with mcb's...
  24. I

    getting 0M ohms L- N on Lighting Circuit and cooker Circuit...

    ....but RCD doesn't trip? Surely if it has a short circuit somewhere I shouldn't be able to liven the installation??
  25. S

    B or C type breakers?

    Hi guys having a brain fade moment. Any reason why I can't use C type RCBO's instaed of B? Doing a CU change at a Nursing home and been quoted for C type, currently they're B type. Board is 3 phase but all breakers are single phase. Thanks in advance. Steve.
  26. J

    Domestic Fuse size

    Just wondering after doing a job today, what is samllest fuse size you would use for sockets in a kitchen if there wasnt a washer or dryer in there ? I put a 32a mcb with 4 double sockets and a single and when all finshed i did think with the loads present surely a 25 or 20 mcb be ok. I always...
  27. S

    RCD Problem

    Hi, i have a problem with an RCD in a Garage unit - 1/2 30mA no trip, 1 x 30mA >300, 5 x 30mA 17ms. Any ideas what could be happening for the 1 x 30mA test. Cheers
  28. T

    Dodgy Installations

    With this rush, have you seen any Pv installations that break the rules? Here are a few I have come across,
  29. G

    Solar design

    Hi am new to the forum, have recently become a MCS installer via NICEIC am struggling a bit to make my mind up about the design side of the job to either go for PVSOL or equivalent as i have had contact via a couple of companies that will do all the design etc and sell the kit but obviously...
  30. R

    Kitchen Ring earth fault?

    Hi guys, Customer woke up this morning with the Main switch/RCD tripped. He narrowed the problem down to the kitcken ring so He unplugged all the counter top appliances and switched all the big under counter appliances off at the switches. I got there and turned the mcb on then plugged the...
  31. W

    crabtree starbreaker

    hi,im after a little advice.a 5+5 consumer unit(star breaker),5 protected and 5 unprotected.the board has 3 un protected circuits ie 2 spare ways and 5 rcd protected circuits no spare problem is i need to add a new protected it possible to move the rcd unit to allow an extra...
  32. R

    Ring and Radial Sockets

    Sometime ago I had my 15yr old, wanting to know the advantages and disadvantages of a ring to a radial sockets, and all I could think of was, you dont have to worry about volt drop in a ring and how much costly it could be, then I realised :banghead: I had been in the trade for while and felt...
  33. P

    Schletter Roof Hook/Wind loadings etc

    Hi does anyone have any information about where I can get technical data on the Schletter roof hooks and rails? I'm trying to determine number of roof hooks etc based on calculated wind loads and want something similar to the Shuco user manual where they specify the roof hook spacings for...
  34. E

    RCD tripping at half current

    Hi all, Wondering if anyone could throw a few suggestions my way. Was testing a few circuits last week in preparation for additions (extension of house). All going fine until i tested the RCD that the customer currently has installed, it tripped on half current test? I am planning to go back...
  35. J

    FOR SALE - misc mcb's / mccb's

    Hi again, still got loads of mcb's and mccb's for sale still on ebay. please click on this link and then view other items MEM Memshield 2 MCH132 C32 MCB MEM EATON on eBay (end time 05-Jul-11 12:33:48 BST) also have loads of belimo and electro controls actuators and dampers and a few pipe...
  36. E

    Student House PIR

    Here's a few snaps from a PIR I did last week. You might be surprised to know that I concluded that it was "unsatisfactory" and recommended a complete re wire. I could have put another 20 photos on here as it was one of the worst installations I have ever seen. There were mouse droppings all...
  37. L

    Wind load calculations

    Hi, Does anyone use any software for wind load calculations. If so how do you use the information to ensure the additional wind load is ok for the structure. I have seen other people use structural engineers but does anyone do it themselves and how. It is ok to say a building (domestic) of...
  38. E

    3 CV's & no jobs.

    So I set up my company this week, starting advertiseing today. As the title of this thread says 3 CV's already!!!!!
  39. J

    FOR SALE - Clean out of stores

    Hi guys, got aload of MCB's / MCCB's / Fuse links for sale- all on the flea bay. Please click on the link below and then view more items. MEM / Merlin / Square D MEM Memshield 2 MCH132 C32 MCB MEM EATON on eBay (end time 17-Apr-11 16:24:30 BST) Also got a range of Damper / Actuators 2 and 3...
  40. S

    RCD Problem

    Hi all Anyone got any thoughts on this.... TNS arrangement ZE = 0.65 ohms ZS on tested circuit 0.85ohms RCD >1999 on 0.5 x 28 & 32 ish ms on 1 x > 40 ms on 0 & 180 degs although the unit did pass on 0 degrees once or twice before failing the 180 Tested my Megger against a known...
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