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  1. L

    No end to end 2 Radials on one MCB

    Hello, I have tried to search the forum but have not found anything although this must have been asked a thousand times. When completing a board change for example and there is no end to end on the neutral does downgrading the mcb to a 20amp and effectively running two radials from the same MCB...
  2. edwardcasbon

    Running 2 radials off a spur. Is this possible?

    Hi all, I've a double socket in the loft running off a spur from a bedroom socket. I'd love to add lighting into the loft, and wondering if I can run a socket radial and lights off the spur using a junction box and 2 fused connection units? Please see the attached diagram for a description of...
  3. Sparky10

    Radials V Ring mains

    Hi all, This may be a common topic and may already have been spoken about 100s of times so forgive me in advance. I have always wired in ring mains for my sockets up until recently.. I came across an install where all sockets were wired in 2.5 radials protected by 20A RCBO they had wired 3...
  4. Bobby34

    Moving to radials in Kitchens

    I'm going to quote for a kitchen rewire shortly where the client is having a new kitchen fitted and new appliances and am contemplating doing away with the traditional 2.5 ring final on a 32amp mcb and running a 4mm radial instead. Clipped direct is 36amp so could still use a 32amp but with...
  5. A

    Domestic Questions about radials

    First, I am not an electrician, but my brother is and he is helping me on this, I just wanted an extra opinion. I am refurbing a house and want to have some sockets in my shed and IT corner, I want to make sure that I can connect 4 sockets (in each location) on a 32Amp RCBO with 4mm twin and...
  6. M

    Domestic Are people moving away from rings

    hi all I’m just wondering are the forum members moving away from doing ring circuits and doing radials instead ? I have been reading that this may be the way industry is going wether this is to aid in the introduction of AFDDs I don’t know , obviously AFDDs won’t work in rings, that’s why I...
  7. M

    Low Ze, high(ish) R1+R2, Got a plan but just had an idea

    So Ze=0.02 and R1+R2 = 0.73 on a first floor ring main. Nearest submain is about 35m away, so that Ze's plausible, and even a slightly indirect route makes Ze=0.03 realistic. So MCBs are going to need changing to Type Cs. Unfortunately for that first floor ring R1+R2 of 0.73 is too high for a...
  8. N

    Ring main become 2 radials

    Electrical ring circuit The electricalian came and did the second fix. But we werent sure if all the wires had been bought through the plaster board. All the sockets work, but we wanted to make sure there are no wires hiding in the walls.. we tested by disconnecting one of the 2 lives going...
  9. O

    Rings or Radials ....

    Just started on a complete refurbishment / extension on a 3 bedroom property which is having a complete rewire. I'm not keen on Dual RCD boards, nor trying to have as few circuits as possible .... So when it comes to the socket circuits I was thinking of: Radial 20A for hall, lounge and...
  10. L

    Can I join 2 radials to make a ring?

    I have 2 radial lines coming out of our CU in 2.5mm that used to run storage heaters, but have now been replaced with a double outlet on each (they are both powered from the same MCB). I have a couple of questions: Can I join these together to turn it into a ring? If so, would this constitute...
  11. C

    Ovens One at 3.45kw with 16A rating and one at 3.65kw with 15A rating - same radial?

    Hi all, I recently started training to become a domestic installer. I have some practical experience and some knowledge of part P. Also done a little testing but only continuity and insulation resistance. A friend of mine is fitting a new kitchen and will be having two ovens side by side. He...
  12. kingeri

    Domestic 4mm 32a Radial In Trunking

    Changed a CU today and noticed the kitchen sockets were wired in 4mm t&e surface mounted in trunking and on a 32A breaker. Now, the CCC for this is strictly only 30A (ref.method B). Would anyone be overly bothered about this? Common sense tells me that it is unlikely this cable will be asked to...
  13. A

    2.5mm2 ring main protected by 20amp breakers

    So an old colleague of mine stipulates that ring main should be protected by 20 amp breakers. Why you ask? Well he said because a piece of 2.5mm2 can only take circa 26 amps and if the ring main broke at any point it would effectively make it two radials, and it would be protected by a 32 amp...
  14. uksparks

    Australian Plugs

    Hi, I had a nice little job of cutting 20 Australian plugs off appliances etc the other day and replacing with uk plugs... It occurred to me though, none of them had fuses?.. I have no idea how it works down under and just wondered if someone would kindly tell me why the appliances are not fused.
  15. D

    help regarding radial circuits

    Hi all, Today i found 2 radial circuits in a 32amp mcb breaker, would you give it a code c1 or c2 on a eic report? Also what are the main dangers of having these together? Cheers Dem
  16. T

    high integrity board

    I'm wiring a ring main into a room in a house that is being converted to an office with Dado trunking. The guy has several computers and loads of IT equipment therefore I'm weary of putting it on an RCD due to the earth leakage. Im changing the CU also so ive ordered a high integrity board with...
  17. G

    Ring Final Circuits ... each leg into a separate MCB!

    I was inspecting the electrical installation in a large 5-bed late Victorian or early Edwardian property that I am considering buying in Scotland when I came across the 'socket circuits'; 3 32A MCBs so I expected 3 Ring Final Circuits. Each MCB only had one wire so adjust assumptions - they...
  18. L

    Underfloor heating

    Hi guys, first time poster, so please be kind! Can anyone advise me whether underfloor heating should be on its own circuit or whether a fcu off the ring final would be acceptable? This is for a kitchen at my mum and dads. I've first fixed the cables. A couple of 6mm for the two ovens they are...
  19. steveberry

    Ring testing

    Hi all can you help to settle a argument. Situation 2 x 4mm in the top of a 32mm. MCB Option 1 This indicates to me that it is either 2 radials in the same MCB, or a 4mm ring. A ring continuity test should be carried out to prove that a ring exists or it is 2 radials. If a ring exists...
  20. P

    Radial circuit too long

    Hi went to a job yesterday there was 3 ring mains so i thought, after testing them they were radials but were all terminated into 32 a mcbs 2 wire in them did R1 R2 TESTS and readings were high 3.2 ohms/ 1.9ohms these were the highest there are a further 4 radials which are around the 1.9 the...
  21. O

    Final Circuits - Ring or Radial?

    I was speaking to an Electrical Engineering suit not too long ago, He reckons that there's talk of Ring Final Circuits being done away with and the preference to install Radials only. Anyone else heard this little gem. Whats the general preference of everyone for the two systems???? Anyone...
  22. sythai

    Conduit cable please ?

    Just calculating my In... conduit with singles run. For the grouping factor - Cg it states number of circuits If I have 2 circuits, but this consists of 18 x singles (e.g 1 x ring = 6 and 4 x radials) Would this still be a factor = 0.75 ? Thank you Sy
  23. tuckermot

    Domestic rewire radials or ring final,s ???

    Hi all normaly on my rewires i do ring finals but on the rewire i am about to start in april ( 3 bed semi ) i was considering using radials for the sockets using 4mm t&e and 32a mcb just want to know is any one eles out there rewireing domestic properts using radials or sticking to ring fianals...
  24. D

    Ring mains? Is this true?

    Hi guys, I have Hurd a few times now that ring mains will soon be fazed out due to the risk of danger if the ring is split! Is it now advisable to just install radial circuits? Thanks for your help
  25. W

    Convert Ring Circuit to 2 Radial Circuits?

    Hi there, Whats the best way to convert a Ring Circuit which feeds all the sockets in the house, to 2 Radial Circuits. Its an 1960s house so only has one ring circuit. Would like to know the easiest way of doing this without lifting floorboards if possible. Im unsure where the 2 legs of the...
  26. D

    ring main fault

    hi my customer wants me to change her fuseboard for a 17th edition at her home.i went today to pretest the circuits and found that there was no neutral continuity on the kitchen ring and no earth continuity on the upstairs ring.My client has just had the whole house decorated and the decorators...
  27. V

    Fault on ring but ok as 2 radials?

    Hi, iam wondering if anyone can give me some advice, i have a fault on a ring where there is short between live - earth on the IR test, but when split into 2 x radials there is no fault. When as 2 x radials all results are >999 but when its then connected as a ring the readings are between 802...
  28. J

    Kitchen Circuits - design loadings.

    Looking at a kitchen design. Long galley kitchen with units both sides, which I feel suits a radial layout. With one radial down each side, plus cooker. Just not yet decided, on the design loadings. Someone will want to plug in a 2kw microwave/combi oven, and a kettle somewhere, probably when...
  29. Doomed

    3 phase ring?

    At the moment have two 3 phase 16mm swa radials, each one going around the edge of a building with 16A outlets at regular interval of alternate phases. A extension is to be built at the back of the building, with toilets (hand dryers etc) and showers in. Would it be possible to extend the 2...
  30. R

    Ring and Radial Sockets

    Sometime ago I had my 15yr old, wanting to know the advantages and disadvantages of a ring to a radial sockets, and all I could think of was, you dont have to worry about volt drop in a ring and how much costly it could be, then I realised :banghead: I had been in the trade for while and felt...
  31. R

    New Kitchen Circuits

    As part of an ongoing renovation (bought a house with "some internal upgrading required" but we knew what we were in for) we're fitting a new kitchen. My initial plan was as follows; 30A radial circuit (4mm T&E) for the sockets (4 double sockets) and integrated appliances (washing machine...
  32. E

    Safe isolation Continuity between live and neutral main switch

    At the board I have isolated the installation, when proving dead my voltage tester is indicating continuity between the live and neutral terminals of the main switch. No voltage just continuity. Switched all mcb's off and on and found when 2 radials are on its indicating continuity! Any reason...
  33. mattyhop

    Shut off switch

    Hi all, Can anyone help with this: I have a kitchen installation to wire in a restaurant. I will be coming off the existing DB running to the services. There is a mixture of circuits from 6mm radials to 2.5mm ring mains. I have been asked to install a push button cut off switch that...
  34. P

    Storage/convector Heater Circuits?

    Hi Guys. Main heating in a new build bungalow is 3 storage+convector heaters and 2 convector heaters. I haven't installed storage heaters before. I understand that if a fixed heater is rated more than 2Kw, you should put it on a seperate radial circuit (can someone tell me where I've read...
  35. K


    How lucky am I, the builder has installed the lighting ring!:):)
  36. U

    fault finding ring main.

    testing ring main on a house about 35 years ring main for all the house plus extension plus garage. no continuity on phase conductor, dead short on nuteral to earth I,R test . concrete floors down laminate up.checked all skts for loose conections,no luck. split ring on to two 20amps...
  37. T

    2 Radials into 1 fuse

    Hello. I've been a member for some time now but in a voyeur kind of fashion and read alot of useful topics, anyway heres my first post. I'm changing a CU and the upstairs and downstairs sockets seem to be 2 radials terminated into the same 30a re-wireable fuse with 2.5mm cable. Should I...
  38. A

    kitchen circuit actually 2 radials

    Hi everyone this is my first post so guess you could say im a forum virgin so go easy on me!!!!!! Anyway was baffled today as i was checking what i thought was a kitchen ring circuit. foud that there were no continuity readings, when i took all sockets off in kitchen found that one cable...
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