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  1. P

    Changed a switch, and now there's no power to other rooms.

    I installed a motion sensor switch in our laundry room. It works. But, now the lights in the next room won't work, and a couple power outlets down the hall don't have power. Posting a photo of the box. Please let me know what other useful info I can provide? Thanks in advance.
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    Tumble dryers in shower rooms.....

    Doing an EICR today and customer has a tumble dryer in the shower room. Room is an L shape with shower directly in front of door and around corner under stairs is a tumble dryer. it is fed from a socket in the lounge next door, cable has plug on it in socket that goes along skirting through...
  3. J

    meters for indivuual rooms- domestic

    Asked to price a job where a house is getting extended/reno The owner is going to live in it- and then rent out 2/3 of the rooms She wants most of the house to be under her meter Then 2 or 3 of the rooms to be monitored/metered seperately -by sounds of it she wants them to phyically have to...
  4. D

    Extractor fans in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.

    Morning.. Just wondering if anyone knows what official building regs state about having to install the above when doing a refurb of house? I have had building control officers tell me in the past that fans are required in kitchens bathrooms and utility rooms, but I can't find anything in the...
  5. Q

    Info regarding part p

    hi, I'm looking for a little bit of information regarding part p and I'm hoping you can please help. I work for a company that provides student accommodation. We have over 500 rooms and do basic maintenance work. At present when a bathroom light or bathroom extractor fan needs replacing our boss...
  6. N

    Smoke Alarm Regs For B&B?

    Anyone know the regs for installing mains, interlinked alarms in a B&B in Scotland? The property has 5 bedrooms in total, 3 of which are rented out during season. I've found some info suggesting that if there's more than 3 rooms then every room should have a mains powered (interlinked) alarms...
  7. O

    Aurora AU-FRLD913 9w

    Chaps I don't install these so have no idea about the reliability etc. Got a client who has about 28 of them in 4 rooms - 3 of the 4 rooms are on dimmers and the reliability of these is poor. Is this typical? Are there dimmers that people would definitely recommend? Sorry don't know the make...
  8. S

    Domestic Some opinions/advice on pricing this 5 bedroom rewire would be helpful...

    Hi, I have been offered the 'opportunity' to rewire an unnocupied, empty of furniture and carpets 5 bedroom semi-detatched house. It has been extended and now has the following rooms: Bedroom 1,2,3,4 and 5. A Bathroom, Wet Room and En-Suite. A Hall and Landing. A Reception room and Lounge. 2...
  9. M

    led, lighting designs

    im looking for some cool led , lighting designs. any of you guys got some ideas to share :) thanks mike
  10. S

    help with testing

    Hi guys Need a bit of help on testing in a hotel (bit of background) its a 7 storey building with main switch room in basement as a working hotel nothing can be switched off. On the 7th floor existing rooms were refurbished with 8 new rooms added there is a busbar trunking running up the...
  11. F

    dasy chaining boards ?

    a big hotel group has asked us that they want 2 way dbs in each bedroom feeding one socket and 5 lights all led fittings, but they want the supplies to boards daisy chained from 10mm t&e or swa feeding 4 rooms per circuit. the only way ive ever done this is sub per board, but cant find anything...
  12. S

    Light Switch Locators

    Doing some work in an old ladies house and she has asked for illuminated light switch locators at the top and bottom of the stairs as well as other key rooms in the house. I normally use the MK ones which give a light green colour around the swich but I cannot use them this time as the lady has...
  13. 1

    Domestic Underfloor Heating

    Quoting on a 3 storey house underfloor heating system, I've installed some very small mats in bathrooms before but not a whole house, I've used heat store in the past and not had any problems, does anyone have any recommendations for a good manufacturer?
  14. B

    Insulation Resistance Testing - necessary ?

    Recently my boss and I were changing a fuse board(old to new). It was a shared house and some of the tenants were out at work and their doors locked. Not knowing what they had plugged in, in their rooms we skipped the Insulation Resistance test. Everything else was tested fine. My question to...
  15. S

    Isolation of Ring Final Circuit

    Here's one for you. In a foster home for naughty boys the client has a requirement to be able to "remove privileges" of TVs/PCs etc when necessary. They seek a means of doing this without having to get staff to use the Distribution Board. Would a DP switch of the correct capacity be the best...
  16. C

    earth referance board

    Was wondering if any one could help me with wiring of an earth referance board. Have got 6 erb in different rooms supplied with a 16mmearth daisy chained between them from main riser. Each room has general sockets and power in it. How do you wire these circuits that are between rooms to the...
  17. N

    failed Zs

    Hi guys, I am currently testing a large hotel (over 300 rooms) it is only the 4th level we have to test this year (65 rooms) each room has its only 5-way d/b consisting of a 32 & 6 Rcbo type B, each of these d/b's are fed from different larger d/bs installed in various fire escapes along the...
  18. S

    Industrial Digs in Central London

    Hey guys your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated!!! I''ve been offered a months work in Cavendish Square but am in desperate need of digs for first couple of weeks - anyone know of anywhere/anyone willing to put me up for £100 a week? sofa will do!!!!
  19. B

    Smoke alarms in student accomodation

    Does anyone know the requirements for the amount of smoke alarms required in a semi detatched house with 5 bedrooms in for students? Just wondering if there has too be 1 in each room, or at the top/bottom of stairs is adequate?
  20. A

    EICR Medical Centre

    I do a few small commercial PIR/EICRS including a dentist surgery & a day centre, but mostly just domestic. I have been asked to look into doing an EICR on a fair sized medical centre ( am guessing approx 10-12 rooms per floor, 2 story building) . Its a pretty new build & hopefully installation...
  21. S

    smoke alarms do i have to..

    Im wiring up a new extension to a house and am installing smoke and heats in the new extension. Am I obliged to put interconected smokes in the rest of the house? Thanks Si
  22. 1

    Minor Works certificate - Insulation Resistance test - Advice Please

    I am currently doing work that will require a Minor Works Certificate on completion. The property I am working in is council owned and the occupant is currently in hospital. Due to the amount of work being undertaken ALL of the rooms have been previously filled with furniture etc. My...
  23. M

    Switch rooms, Sub stations.

    Hi all. I need some advise please. Where I work the switch rooms are continually being used as storage rooms, materials such as toilet tissue, mops, vacuum cleaners ect. Even the main sub station has rubbish in it. To get to DBs I have to clear a path ect. Is there any legislation covering...
  24. the pict

    hotel pir

    Hotel extension built 1989 multiple boards each serves 2 rooms,heat, light, sockets, telemetry controled heating from reception, parent board supplies sub via 4mm SWA on a 32A type 2.Sockets 20A b curve, heating 10A b lights, 10A b, sockets are ring final in 2.5/1.5 It's my understanding that...
  25. mrloy99

    ring circuit length concerns

    I have just recently started a new job-its a nursing home and I have been giving the work of 1st & 2nd fix to the 60 odd ensuite rooms.The job is on 2 floors and there is only one dist board on each floor.I have been instructed by the foreman to wire one ring(and one lighting circuit) to do a...
  26. G

    Testing incomplete

    We have been carrying out the testing of hotel rooms for a new build project. We were given the order for the whole project. In the last week we have found out that a number of rooms which we knew were not tested have been let out to the general public. We have stated to the client we will have...
  27. S

    How much detail of a job do you give away?

    Just got a Estimate quote through today from our web site as follows Good morning, I would like to speak to someone regarding some cable tidying please. We are an office based on 2 floors in **********. We have 17 meeting rooms, which I would like to get a quote for cable tidying in...
  28. K

    socket outlets near a bath

    hi i was wondering if any one could help a hotel that i do some electrical work for are updating their rooms they are putting baths in all the guest rooms all the rooms have 1 twin s/o in which are about 1 to 2Metres from the bath does any one no what the regs are on existing sockets near a...
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