1. Gavin John Hyde

    Using a rubber glove as a junction box!

    Came across an old lighting cable on top some cupboard wall units. cable was live, wrapped in tape then stuffed in an old rubber glove! Got to love the things you find house bashing. I sent it in to professional electrician magazine for the caught on camera as it made me chuckle too! Anybody...
  2. C

    Main bond to rubber incoming water pipe.

    Had DB changed a couple of years back in my house that I was renting that I now live in. I was out of the country at the time. No certs were handed over and I am unable to get in contact with the guy that my parents got to do the work. I am in the process of selling the house. The 6mm bond to...
  3. I

    Gu10 rubber ring Gu10 rubber ring

    Hi, I am trying to get hold of some of the above (picture below), but I am struggling to find a supplier/retailer. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. MarkRibbands

    Insulation resistance failure on rubber flex. Why?

    Two years ago I installed some garden lighting, using u/g SWA to Wiska boxes, then 3-core 0.75mm rubber flex downleads from each LED fitting. This week the 30mA RCBO kept tripping. I assumed a luminaire fault, or moisture in a Wiska box, but no. It was leakage across all three cores of one 10m...
  5. rolyberkin

    Cable Type

    Sorry bad pic, anyone recognise the black cable type in the top right hand corner of this photo? Not a clear enough pic to zoom in.
  6. G

    VIR Cables Current Carrying Capactiy

    Anyone know of any information out their on the current caring capacity of old VIR cables, looks like they are between 16mm-25mm, so any info on the older imperial sizes would be useful Thanks graham
  7. sythai

    Where can I get some of these?

    Hi Chaps Been googling away but can't find what I'm looking for :-( I'm hoping someone could advise please, ideally online somewhere? I've eventually run out of my supply of P-clip/ loops 'not too sure of the technical name.' (should be a jpeg attached. hopefully it worked) My local...
  8. S

    Garden lights

    Hi I am about to install 6 garden lights along a fence. Do I have to use s.w.a or can I use rubber sheathed cable.
  9. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Butchery at it's best

  10. K

    Domestic Why is rubber a good insulator?

    Good night/evening/afternoon/morning, forum members. I was wondering what makes rubber a good insulator. I understand less dense materials make better insulators, as insulators absorb/trap heat. But I want to know why rubber is a good insulator. For example, wood makes a good insulator due to...
  11. M

    Citroen C4 hatchback high brake light fault.

    As you can see I have a Citroen C4 5dr, hatchback with a high brake light fault, it doesn't work. I replaced the light with a new one and that won't work also. On the C4 owners web site forum it says there is a known fault with the rubber boot/wiring entering the boot. It says the wires...
  12. B

    3 phase to single phase

    Hi everyone, newbie here to this forum. i have been asked to see whether it is possible to adapt 3phase supply to single phase using 5 x pin & 3 x pin 64a trailing sockets it is to run a catering van which has equipment pushing 50a if everything was on. i was thinking of using 10mm braided cable...
  13. R

    Refuse an install

    If you arrived at a house requesting an extra socket, and the wiring was in the old rubber style with screwits etc, would you recommend a rewire and leave well alone, or henley in a new circuit.
  14. R

    Galv conduit

    Good mornings, Quick one before I head out, Whats the secret to avoiding teethmarks in the conduit whilst its clamped and you threading? Thank you
  15. O

    Domestic Advice Please on Chandelier wiring fault

    My electrician is currently working at my home doing some general rewiring in an extension room. I had asked to also rewire two brass wall lights and a brass chandelier. They are old pices of equipment from 1970 and they have been in store here for eight years. He found that one of the wall...
  16. T

    mains cables inducing LV cables

    Guys, need some advice. When measuring across some cctv cables, im getting around 0.80 v of AC, which in turn is causing mass problems with the system. I have seen in our basement that the lv cables are run less than 2 inches away from the mains cables, so im sure the magnetic field is...
  17. M

    Estimated age of installation

    Sorry if this has been covered I but couldn't find anything. Nor could I find information as to when white pvc t&e was first used in domestic installations. When filling out test forms they ask the estimated age of installation, and if possible i'm after a timeline for the years that rubber...
  18. brucelee

    flexible cable for outside pir

    Hi all can someone please tell me the best flexible cable to use for outside security light Some say black pvc others rubber can you please give me a HAR code and best place to buy
  19. M

    Conduit ends with grommet

    I did a PIR and noted that a T/E cable enters a 20mm steel conduit without a grommet to protect against the sharp inner edge. I now have the job of rectifying it and I can't find where to buy the grommets! Any one know?
  20. S

    Perfect PIR

    Just wondering if anyone has ever come across a perfect PIR? Nearly had one today, but a busbar point without a rubber topping stopped it. All tests where fine though, and that and no rubber gromits in some back boxes. So not a major deal.
  21. T

    What PIR code for old stranded cable?

    Just wondering what PIR Code you would give old stranded cable? And for what reason? Whts is the best way to tell the customer this is no longer good enough for service? Or is it if the IR test comes out acceptable?
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