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  1. D

    Whiska type boxes seals

    if the box is wall mounted Does anyone poke the cable directly through the membrane hole and accept this is a good seal? or do you generally fit a stuffing gland ?
  2. David Prosser

    Hydraulic Crimp tool sticking.

    Any one know a company (West Midlands area) that services hydraulics crimping tools. Mines starting sticking and not releasing enough to get the cable back out. I have taken it apart and cleaned it and it all looks super smooth but still sticks intermittently even with the dies empty. Would...
  3. P

    REC switch and meter seals...

    Hello everyone, I would like some advice regarding some work that a contractor has performed on my flat. I live in a block of flats where major works are taking place. Some of the major works have involved the rewiring of the electrical supply from the road up to the electricity meter in the...
  4. moose

    Domestic DNO Fine or Jail.

    We all say, the fairies came and pull the fuses, so ive been told, Cough Cough, but what is the actual offense for this as say an employer insists on doing this and you do keep reminding him about the errors of there ways, (Do it or you are sacked, Ive got 12 kids to feed so you have to, lol)...
  5. L

    Domestic Pulling the main fuse :/

    Hi guys i have been asked to change a consumer unit. I have been told that pulling the fuse is not illegal as the Yorkshire Electricity Board just don't have the men to come out and pull everybody fuses who need it doing anymore. i know this may cause debate and i will get the answer of "it was...
  6. B

    Cutting seals and pulling fuses, REALLY SORRY TO START THIS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, I work at a local council and our NIC assesment has brought up the age old problem. I know what should be done and what i have done thousands of times in the past, but some of our operatives are being funny about it. They are refusing to pull fuses as its "ILLEGAL" I want to put out a...
  7. L

    Domestic main cut out fuse

    How do you pull out the fuse your self, I've phoned for permission to cut seal and got refused by dno and then went to the supplier they said I can as long as I test and leave certificate for them I'm really confused about changing a consumer unit and pulling the fuse. Help would be very greatful.
  8. B

    pulling main fuse

    I ain't seen one of these posts for a week or so I'm sure you will be missing it.. Pulling main fuse.. It's ok to pull if the following conditions are met right?? 1) its a Tuesday 2) its 9:32 3) your customer is called Doris 4) you have pink underware on 5) the attached seals do tricks
  9. S


    Hi, I'm a recently qualified spark and I'm looking to do a little private house bashing work to tie me over when the industrial commercial stuff from the agencies goes quiet so I'm planning on joining a scam. I've done very little in the way of domestic work and most of the industrial and stuff...
  10. S

    pulling my fuse out nightmare

    hi just contacted d.n.o about fitting isolator for a c.u. change for elecsa assessment in my own flat. They said get a registered spark to do the work. then I replied that I need isolator so I can do the work and register. They then said to register with elecsa and then do work. I cant register...
  11. Tuttle

    Isolator switch for CU change (for Part P assesment)

    Hi, I've got my first Part P assessment coming up soon and I'm planning on doing a consumer unit change and first fix of an extension on my own house and a consumer unit change and some additional sockets on a friends house. I couldn't decide whether to cut seals or get isolator switches fitted...
  12. S

    removal of main cutout fuse

    Who is to be informed for the removal of a cutout fuse for say a consumer unit change??
  13. Goody

    How to find the main fuse rating?

    I have a bit of hurdle; I couldn’t find the fuse rating on the main fuse box. Should I ring the DNO for this info? You see, I really don’t want to break the seal (law) to look inside. Thanks.
  14. D

    registration job

    Hi all can i just ask those of you who have changed a consumer unit for one of your assessment jobs, what you done regarding the service fuse seals. Did you notify the DNO with your intentions and get them to fit an isolator and then get them re-sealed before your assessment, did you re-seal...
  15. S

    Sealed Meter ?

    In MCs metering guidance version 1.0 it says. . 5. Sealing The meter and terminal cover should be sealed to ensure the customer cannot access either. So do we have to seal the FIT meters we install ? and how are you guys seaing your meters and are you using old meter fitters crimps and seals...
  16. O

    Replacing tails/DNO seals etc

    Having read a few threads on here isn't it about time that our trade organisations got together and petitioned the suppliers to agree a consistent process by which all registered part p electricians can break seals on the main fuse for isolation, the seal on the meter and then replace them with...
  17. G

    60a main fuse??

    Hi, I am doing a rewire at the moment. Adding all of the breakers up and dividing by 0.4, gives me a total load of 71a. I will be upgrading the meter tails to 25mm and the main earth to 16mm.. The main fuse is 60a. My questions are;1 how would I go about getting the main fuse uprated? or can I...
  18. N

    Access to service fuses

    Yes im cheating have a look at page 7
  19. B

    Distributors fuse type

    Hello Everyone Can anybody help me with what to put on a Installation Certificate with regards to the distributors main fuse. I looked at one today which had very little information on it other than "AEI series 3 100A". I know the enclosed fuse is 100A HRC, but i dont know what to put for the...
  20. C

    Main EB fuse, Do we need to inform ??

    I heard that the Elecricity Board needs to be notified when removing the main fuse to change a CU, is this true or just when you have to cut the seals? as i knew it was their property but i've never known anyone to do this before ?
  21. M

    help supply cut out fuse/isolation

    Hi first post following domestic part p qualification. ok with most stuff but still not clear who can/can't de energise so consumer unit can be changed. SSE state only niceic authorised so this must mean that any electrician in the south or scotland must belong to niceic !? elec board...
  22. B

    Main Fuse

    hey chaps, just need a bit of advice. Had a CU and PEB upgrade job today. Arrived at the job with a 10 way board to discover whoever quoted the job didnt account for the fact that a 10 way was miles too big for the space. and there was no means of isolating the installation. A...
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