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Side cutters
pliers (short & long nosed)
Cable shears (for larger cable csa's)
Assortment of drivers
3.5mm re-threader
Tape measure
Small shelf spirit level
25mm flat wood bits
Wire strippers
Ratchet crimps
Gas soldering iron (I mostly use it for repairing boards inside EM fittings)
Hss bits
GS38 voltage indicator
Prooving unit
Test equipment
Electrician at work sign
Isolation lockout locks
Battery sds drill 24v
Battery drill 18v
Mains sds drill
Fibre glass steps
Two sets of pump pliers
Bush spanner
Hilmor benders
Cutting die & stock
Bending springs
Battery 18v circular saw
Fish tape
Pull rods
Fein multimaster
Electrician hole saws
Dimond tip hole cutters 4" & 6" (for extractor fans)
MICC tools (ringing tool, joy stripper or side cutters, potting tool, pot crimp)
Plastering trowle & hawk ( if you plaster your own chases)
Scientific calculator
Club hammer
Scutch chisel
Masonary bits
Gorilla bar (lifting floor boards)
Box sinking kit
Henry hoover
Plasterboard saw
Armeg board cutter (access holes in chipboard flooring)

Off the top of my head that what is in my van.


thats all well and good easyfox , but you forgot the kettle .


i do like the way radio was at the top tho, radio is a MUST have, always count on the customer supplying the kettle tho :p

Andy M

What about an old wire coat hanger for the tool box and some Loo Roll for the Van (you never know when you'll be caught short!


Reversible drill with bit set
3/8th-inch reversible drill is the only electrical tool that you absolutely, positively have to have. Although stores are filled with cordless varieties, stick with a corded model: They're lighter, cheaper and never run out of juice.


i ho hi ho .its off to work we go with bucket and spade and handgrenade hi ho,hi ho,and
a good quality analog insulation resistance tester or megger if you prefer.

ooops bang, oh s,,,


Why an analog? i mean, I grew up with 250 and 500V windy meggers, and good riddance to them. Are you suggesting the digital insulation testers are not good enough?!


Tony,im not saying digital meggers are no good,there ok ,i just like to see the neadle move ,the speed it moves at can be of use sometimes,most of the time it doesnt matter but i favor analog ,and im not having a wind up ,


Rumrunner, I use a Megger 1501/2 multifunction. On that its got a simulated analouge display so you see a 'digital needle' move. Not sure about the speed of movement, surely the end reading is whats relevant?!




Where to start.........here goes..
DeWalt Radio
DeWalt 14.4v Combi Drill
Assorted drill bits in case hss,wood,auger,large selection of holesaws,for dlts etc
Metal screw box,with storage space for clips,screws,washers,grommets,etc
Fluke 1653
Martindale polarity checker
Tong tester
Steinel voltage checker,continuity checker
Irazola drivers
Chisel set
Handsaw,24 inch Sandvik
Floorboard saw
230/110v transformer
Hilti TE2 drill
10m,30m 110v leads
10m lead with 500w/110v worklight
230v extension
230v handlamp/inspection lamp
5 rung aluminium youngman steps
9 rung as above (on roof)
2 part 30 foot ladder (in storage)
2 part 20 foot ladder (in storage)
stanley steelmaster 20 oz claw hammer
eclipse hacksaws junior/large
elliot lucas pliers/side cutters
thorsman insulated driver set
CK breaker drivers (2 of)
assorted connector strip
rewireable fusewire
crimp connectors
stabila pocket level
drywall saw
lead cable/string
fibre glass rods
1200/1800 long stabila levels
more to follow....


hi tony m58 ,this "megger"thing is personal preference i suppose ,ive got a wind up "wee megger" a battery analog megger and a seaward sbs 7671 multi function tester ,for critical work say testing motors for example,i would go for the wind up everytime,its never let me down ,flat batterys must affect a reading so i wouldnt risk it ,digital instruments have there place and i personly think its in the bin.



quite right - personal prefernence

I stopped using wind ups about 10 yrs ago (and i have tested one HELL of a lot of motors and generators). Presuming the meter does not indicate a duff battery then the test voltage on a digital will be more stabil than a wind up, but to be honest thay are not HALF as much fun when you connect them to peoples ears!!!


funny how nobody keeps a copy of the osg in their tools,thought that was the idea hence the name,oh and dont forget latest edition of razzle.lol

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