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Hello everyone,

Just thought I'd say hello.........and ask a quick question here as I am not sure where to ask this one....

I've been looking at various topics on here and found this an extremely helpful forum which has got my brain ticking about a few things.

Having recently injured my finger (Skiing not work related) and being fortunate enough to be able to take paid leave, I took the opertuinity to take the C&G 2382 to keep myself up to date with elec regs (Although now I realise it doesn't quite work like that when you do the course). My qualifications are Elec Inst C&G 236 (From back in the late 90's) and NVQ3 in Engineering Maintenance (From my apprentiship) and various other PLC related stuff. All my experience is Industrial Commissioning and Maintenance and I am looking at a move to a job where I don't have to work away from home or do shifts (Or in my fluffy image in my imagination, 'work to hard').

In my thoughts are the consideration of doing C&G2392 then C&G2391 so as to get more experience of an overview of domestic testing and inspection work with a view to doing voluntary work installing for someone I know (Which is already lined up), and eventually being able to do periodic testing, occasional installation work and possibly commercial testing.

Thing is, I'm not one hundred percent sure if this is a good move, and would appreciate learning from other peoples experiences.

My partner is on a good wage to support both of us should it be required, but my thought is when the kids start to appear(Apparently wifey is pre planning) would it also be handy to have if/when I become the house husband (Pre agreed!?!?) for part time work?

WOuld I benifit from doing part P? What route should I take? Is it all worth it? Is there much money to make from Periodics only or is it better doing all types of work?

Any 'helpful' input appreciated (Or jokes for that matter) or being able to fire questions at someone as and when they appear or just being able to talk.........

And if I have put this in the wrong forum area.....I'm sure you'll let me know.....

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Welcome part P for that you would need to register with the NICEIC or similar that will cost a few hundred depending on who you choose. Your meter for testing about £500 insurance etc etc if only doing it part time I doubt if you would cover your costs.

Perhaps a visit to the small business advisory service would be the first port of call they are free and will guide you on the right way to set up a business and let you know the costs involved.

Good luck


Andy Smith

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Hi Zacmide.

Reading your post i have come from a similar back groud.

I did C&G 236 part 1 and 2
also got 2391
17th edtion

back up with and HND in elecrtical electronics, but i think that would be good enough to egt you approved status with JIB. Not so sure aboout NIC stuff but some one on here will definatley know.

All the best

ps think you need parts 1 and 2 of 2360 (replaced i believe with 2330) :eek:


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Hi and welcome to the forums..

236 is still a valid qualification, so if you have now done your 2382, you should be fine and up to date.


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Hello and welcome....i would like to see along question if that was a short one..:):)...


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Hi and a belated welcome to the forums:D
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