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Hi everyone. I'm new to this site. I'm am looking to become a electrician, and have been trying to figure out which rout is best. I know that this topic has been touched on many times, but i havn't been able to find the information/advice i'm looking for. Bassically, the two routes i've been debating over are the C&G level 3 NVQ 2357 route, and the eal level 2 part p certificate + 2382+2377+2392 route. I understand that the first one i described would allow me to work in all environments, and the second is just for domestic work. Would I be able to work in a domestic envirmonet with the 2357, or would i need anything extra? Would it be possible, with the part p route, to move on to working in an industrial or commercial environment if i wanted to do that at a later stage?

I'm really unsure as to what the best route for me to take would be. I would really apreciate anything anyone has to say about this.
Thank you.

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IMO the 2357 is the only way to cover all the bases, the other just qualifies you as a domestic installer which is fine if your just sticking with the domestic sector but to go further you'd end up having to do the 2357 to get the underpinning electrical knowledge required.


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I would suggest keeping your job now and doing free labouring work for a company to gain experience and see how you like it

I know many companies with years of expereince that are struggling and laying off people- entering into a saturated market with little or no experience isn't the best idea.


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Get an industrial electrical engineering apprenticeship if you can. That is what many of us did on this forum, and it sets you up for all parts of the profession.

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If you want to become an electrician you'll need the 2357. The EAL is supposed to be some kind of lesser known equivalent, but having to argue that your qualifications are 'just the same' as something else will put you at an additional disadvantage, as will restricting yourself to only domestic work.

As already mentioned finding work will be the hard part - there are loads of people who have finished college and come here looking to gain experience with a domestic only electrician which is where they come to a standstill, but I'm sure you realise it 'isn't going to be easy' etc.


I'm just starting my "electrical journey", i'm 32 and have been wanting to for years...... I'm starting an evening course in my local college (2 evenings per week), this allows me to still work in the week and provide for my family...... The course i'm doing is the 2365, which leads onto the NVQ 3 (4 years total). I was told this replaced the 2330 this / or last year.
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