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Hi all
I am 3rd year student at collage . i am planing to rewire the house i recent bought. i have read the post regarding the test meters .i am sorry to say i am still very very confuse to , which one to buy. price3 tag in my mind is less the £1000.
So pls help me to chose one .
what i am looking for is:
* Very Easy to use
* Robust
* Very high sepc
* Auto null
* Would not need upgrade next 2/3 years

Thanks in advance
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A vote for the fluke 1653 or 1654 b series from me.

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I have the Meggar 1730 and really like it. I bought it from test-meter one of the forums sponsers, quick delivery & helpful service and you also get 5% knocked off for being a forum member/ mentioning the forum.


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As you’re a novice tester, I would recommend you opt for the Metrel MI3000 Easi Plus. This tester gives you the most 'bang for your buck' (not literally), the learning curve is gentle, it’s easy to use and reliable. It’s a very good budget MFT putting a lot of more expensive MFTs to shame. Anybody starting out on a restricted budget or looking for their first tester, that also wants advanced features for when they have gained experience, would do well to seriously consider buying one. There is just one minor criticism, the Metrel instruction manual can sometimes confuse novices by the odd English used in places, lost in translation from the original Slovene, but most are able operate the MFT with little need to refer to the manual. Any difficulties, just post a question on the forum, myself or one of the other members is likely to know the answer.
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Hi there
first thank you all three Lenny,Alli and MarkieSparkie.
I have been looking at Metrel MI 3003, MI 3102 EurotestXE, and MI31011EurotestAt, i can not chose which one is better and ease to use. All the help will be greatly appreciated.


test-meter do a comparison. think it may be on a sticky.

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