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  1. L

    Changing light switch faceplate, confused!??

    I’m changing all my light switch and plus sockets to metal from plastic. I went to change the light switch in my daughters room and behind the old plastic faceplate there there 3 brown wires, one wired into L1 and then two wires going into COM, I’ve changed the faceplate to metal and put the L1...
  2. M

    Domestic Aerial cable not working after new faceplate added to existing cable

    Hi all, Just had a complete rewire done (excellent job) but after they added a new faceplate to the aerial cable, I get no signal on the TV. Sadly the old faceplate is gone in the trash so I can't put it back. I've reconnected the cable several times to ensure no shorts and I've continuity...
  3. J

    Brush faceplate alternatives

    Hi I've got a Nest outdoor camera. I don't have an outdoor socket so need to run the cable indoors to a wall socket. The end of the cable has a weatherproof USB plug which is just under an inch in diameter and can't be removed. The cable itself is much narrower. So basically I need to drill...
  4. C


    Hi Guys, I am currently getting a kitchen overhaul and want to install some unit/kick-board lights. I want to be able to control the unit lights with the light-switch which controls the down-lights in the kitchen ceiling. I have swapped the switch out for a double switch. The lights have came...
  5. Mark.W

    Earthing Faceplate

    Hey Guys, I'm in a discussion with another spark about whether or not he earths the metal back box of a floor socket box. He seems to think there's no need because the faceplate gets self drilled to the back box and it doesn't have lugs like a standard metal Patress?! The faceplate screws...
  6. A

    Domestic Installing Coax, Sky Cables and TV Booster

    Hi, I was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction to learning a bit more about installing Coax and Sky cables and the arrangement from the sky dish, antenna, booster and TV points. I have installed this plenty of times but have always been told what cable goes where and then a TV...
  7. G

    Commercial extraction canopy control getting warm

    Basically as above, trying to get through to the technical team who supplied the hood but they aren't open until 10.30am so if anyone has come across this before would appreciate an opinion. I fitted the controler which came with the fan and its getting warm to the touch. The fans pulling 3.1a...
  8. G

    Eicr coding

    Doing a test the other day and found a couple of metal light switches no earth to faceplate just to back box but both lugs were fixed. What code do you reckon I'm saying 3 but it's a 2 minute job anyway to rectify. Can't recall seeing it before though Cheers
  9. N

    rj11+ BT Extension from BT master socket

    Hi, I need to move my router, and I'm stuck. :book: At present it is connected diresctly to the rj11 socket in Bt master socket (Type 5: SSFP Infinity) Bought a combined rj11 + bt socket from TLC and I'm using Cat5e It’s only got 4 pins labelled 2,3,4,5 - I have connected 2&5 and the ring...
  10. T

    Earth on flat plate light switch

    I need to fit a 2 way flat plate light switch. When unscrew the old light switch, I can see the Earth cable connected to the metal box that sits in the wall. The Flat plate switch also has a space for an Earth wire. So, where should the Earth wire go? Thanks in advance
  11. uksparks

    Quote turned into a job

    Hi, I went to quote for a potential rewire this morning, either that or new fuse box with remedial work etc.. anyway, the kids were all watching TV and in the middle if a film or something, oh it's a rewireable fuse box. anyway, I thought I'd just loosen and pull a faceplate forward to just...
  12. uksparks

    Dumb Ass Customer

    Hi, Got a call yesterday, can you come and wire my tv to my sky dish... Yeah ok... Get there today, dish on one side of house, tv in other side bedroom. I said so I'll clip the cable round her, hold through the wall.... Ok... No... I don't want to be ble to see the cable on the outside...
  13. S

    Metal clad double sockets

    Got one for a job, from cef. connected bw gland 20mm into top centre face. Went to fit faceplate and isn't designed to accept gland in from top. Utter rubbish.
  14. M

    Domestic Please help me identify this switch

    Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to identify this switch and where I might be able to source one. It's located outside a bathroom and operates the bathroom light and extractor fan. Left to right: light switch, fan switch, fuse (presumably for fan). As you can see the faceplate is damaged...
  15. H

    Domestic MK sw fused spur

    Anybody know where I can get a fuse holder for this old style MK?: Unit1 Must be exact. Worth £20
  16. M

    Light switch

    Hi all, i intend replacing my old light switches in my house. I have a 2 gang light switch wich operates single lights. what do you call this type of switch? also i have a 2 gang switch, 1 is a 2 way and the other is for a single light, again what do i look for to order a replacement? lastly if...
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