1. happysteve

    Runpotec XB300 cable dispenser / runposticks / thread size

    Thinking of getting a Runpotec XB300 cable dispenser, as my yellow framed tripod thing is unsatisfactory for all the usual reasons. You can screw in a "Runpostick" (Runpotec's version of super rods) to extend the stubby little mandrel so you can put several drums on (e.g. singles for conduit)...
  2. P

    Long cable rods

    We might need to pull a cable through around 100m of fairly wide duct (around 10cm) and it might not have an existing draw rope. It has a 28mm water pipe and CAT-5 network cable in there, so one option might be to use the cable as a sacrificial means of pulling a rope and another cable through...
  3. Msitekkie

    PAT IR fail on old cooker with rods not cable

    I am PAT testing a very old 2100W Belling tabletop cooker that the customer is keen to keep & paying me to repair. It fails a L-E or N-E IR test at 0.46 M ohms. Internally the cooker uses bare rods rather than cable. I replaced the old cable & plug and L-N I get > 1999, but L-E or N-E still...
  4. timhoward

    Extending earth rods making minimal difference?

    Today I found a 466 ohm Ze. That's actually a new upper record for me. I assume the rod was completely corroded through. So started to bang in some new 5/8ths rods. 1 rod - 180 ohms. 2 rods - 95 ohms. 3 rods - 93 ohms. Hmm. 4 rods - 92 ohms! Grrrrr. I gave up then as I'd run out of rods. I...
  5. Z

    UK Installing earth rods should be totally buried

    I read a couple of references to ground rods and both stated that they must be buried in the ground but one said 3 inches visible and the other said less than 12 inches visible. I thought they had to be fully buried and even covered . Please confirm I’m correct z(for once!)
  6. CKI:C.K-Tools

    Cable Routing Accessories

    Hi! We're currently looking into cable routing accessories, and would love to actually hear what the people who use them think! What is your favourite accessory? What is your least favourite accessory? An accessory you wished you had? Something you've been looking at but not bought for...
  7. A

    I need a drill for driving ground rods

    I'm absolutely tired of renting here. I need a drill for driving ground rods and soil is moderately hard one I wanted to know how big/heavy drill I need for ground rods. 10-13 amps, and around 12-15 lbs. Will that be enough? i know demo hammers are usually a bit higher than that Have done...
  8. S

    Earthing Rods for EV Homecharging

    HI all. I am not an electrician and know only but a few things about it so I want to ask a question . So Chargemaster is supposed to install a home charging unit on my property. Their technician came and said I needed additional electrical work (either an double pole isolation switch or run a...
  9. R

    Wanted Cable Rods

    I’m looking to get a set of Cable Rods if anyone has any for sale?
  10. Midwest

    Earth Rods - pointy one

    I need to buy a 5/8 earth rod. Picked one up from my local wholesaler, but it’s threaded both ends. It appears my wholesaler only stocks the 5/8 in an extendable version. I’ve seen online ones with a pointed end, are they readily available, i.e. pointed one end thread the other? Screwfix only...
  11. L

    Hi guys. To those in countries with TNC-S. What are your requirements regarding installation of earth rods for domestic installs?

    Hi Guys. Firstly, am glad to join the group. Secondly I am very curious to hear from those who have TNC-S as their electrical supply I have 2 questions (1) Are you required to install an earth rod (stake or mesh) on the homeowners property? and (2) what are your regulations regarding its...
  12. C

    Earth Rods in TN-C-S and TN-S

    Why aren't earth rods required on a TN-C-S or TN-S supply? In the US earth rods are mandatory for both. Two earth rods if the first one is over 25 ohms. Here is how its typically done: View: #6 copper (13.3mm2) is run from the neutral bar of the first...
  13. EalingBadger

    The hoary old topic of PME, TN-C-S and earthing rods (not TT)

    Somewhere along the line I picked up a suggestion from a forum posting or two that the DNO does not like you to connect an earthing rod to his "earth" - even though it is effectively just creating yet another, local to your installation, earthing point for the multiple ones already assumed to...
  14. R

    Cable Rods - what do we think?

    What do we think of them, I have seen a few people use them on some YouTube videos, does anyone recommend them?
  15. B

    Installation regs on multiple earth rods.

    Hi everyone, just a quick question, Earth rods aren’t my strongest subject and I have no access to my 7671 at the mo, what’s the regs or guidance for installing multiple Earth rods? Issue I’ve had was services in the way, can the Earth rods be put into a different pattern than a square or a...
  16. B

    Earth rods and outbuildings

    Came across an existing TNS installation with earth rod fitted presumably no cable sheath earth and 100ma s type as main incomer and 30ma trip for rest of circuits. The out building is fed via 30ma and cable enclosed in steel conduit which seems to provide the earth in outbuilding so earth loop...
  17. Steve93

    Vehicle charging. Earth rods

    Just a thought where do you guys put the earth spike in when you install car chargers? Local to the charger? What if it’s a driveway? Slabs block paving etc
  18. malcolmsanford

    What Rods should read

    Here is what a rod should read and what our old friend E54 advocates. Fair enough it is not a single rod but 15 19mm dia x 1800mm length rods in a network around the building all joined by a 70mm conductor. So a bit expensive and also would pay havoc in Mr Browns raised flower beds!!! It is a...
  19. J

    Planters over lightning earth rods

    A client of mine has asked me if it is acceptable to build planters over the lighting earth rods around his building. I told him that as I have never installed nor tested/inspected a lightning system he should seek guidance elsewhere. However common sense says that if there is a facility to...
  20. MerlinGremlin

    Cable scout rods or super rods?

    Evening all just wondering if anyone has or have used the hellermann Tyton cable scout rods and what they think about them. They look the same as super rods which I usually buy but I've been quoted for the deluxe sey of cable scouts for less than half the price of super rods do just want abit of...


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