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Hi guys,

due to the recent events I am in DIY mode. I'm usually on mains power and some control wiring during my normal working days so this particular unit I'm looking for I can not find!


2 x sheds to be remote locked / unlocked

I want a simple neon lit switched fused spur to power a transmitter that sends a signal to a receiver which will then in turn power a contactor to operate 4 x electromagnetic door locks (top and bottom of each shed door)

All I need to source is a 230v switched transmitter and receiver, all I can find is remote controls which will definitely get mislaid at some point!

What is the correct terminology I need for a succesful google search? Or if anyone has any units in mind feel free to share!
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You could look at Quinetic... TLC have them off the shelf.

They are wireless, with no batteries in the switch, the receives will fit inside a Wiska 407 (IIRC) and they come in non-WIFI and WIFI enabled flavours with two switching capacities of 6A and 16A. They also do a dimmer receiver which you obviously don't want.

Any particular reason for using electromagnetic locks? I suspect a crowbar would be sufficient to overcome them (I've never tried).
Mag locks should be used for access control not for security of a building

Some can be used with alarm systems which trigger when unlocked but all can be overcome by disconnecting the power or applying lots of force (275lbs - 2000lbs depending which mag lock you have)

Your scenario I would only use for keeping kids out of the shed when deadlocks are not locked because power disruption and wireless interception is a real security problem because it will leave your locks wide open and no way to lock if this is your only security

As SC said, Quinetic do a nice range of wireless equipment where the switch is totally wireless and can be mounted anywhere and the receiver you power in the shed. You would have to check the range on it tho and I also don't think the signal is secured in any way

Maybe a garage door control / interface would be better for this?
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Hi guys,

Thanks for the info.

Is there anything that can be set up like I suggested? I'm not keen on the idea of fully wireless kit, and I want the neon to indicate whether we have left it unlocked.

It's not for major security, if someone wants to get into a wooden shed they will easily whatever it is you have. It's more for convenience, happy wife happy life if all we have to do is flick a switch to unlock them it will be easier to get the washing in and out to the tumble dryer!

Top and bottom locks because I can see the door being damaged if its locked on the top and some fool tries to open it still.

Where is the best place to shop for random gadgets that I can mash together?
try looking at the click smart system they do din rail mount transmitters and recievers
230v switched ( used when someone forgot the switch line to a boiler )
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