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Hi All,

I am currently in the process of enrolling in a part time evening course to complete level 2 over the course of a year and just have some questions around this if you wouldn't mind answering.

1) What can i do to boost my experience during this period?

- My current employer has its own 3 man team of electricians that maintain and carry out works internally with the unit, they have agreed that upon the beginning of the course they would let me shadow them when i have the time. My concern here is what i can actually gain from this as i doubt i will be able to do anything practically other than watch them work.

2) What opportunities would be open to me after completing level 2 and going on to do level 3?

- Am i able to get a job after completing level 2 or must i continue on to do the level 3? The plan currently is to work up through lvl 2, 3 and complete the NVQ.

3) Is there an NVQ to complete at level 2? a few of the colleges i have spoke to have said that there is one and the half of them said that there isnt, im not having much luck finding this out online either.

4) Is there a noteworthy difference between City & Guilds courses and EAL ones?

Am i right in thinking that given my situation with having to work full time that a college course would be best while trying to get experience at the same time is better than these courses you hear about at places like ERR or Trade skills 4u?

Any other advice is welcomed, i know experience is key so i want to put my focus on it but when would be the best time to start? At the start of the course, during or after ive finished it?


TJ Anderson

Hi Nathaniel

There is dozens on threads on here asking the same, have a trawl through mate :)

Then quals you are going for are the right ones to have and will almost certainly lead to job at the end with a career moving forward.

Regarding the experience with Electricians.....It is what you make of it.....don't just stand watching ......offer to get involved......ask "is here something I can do?" There is always something to do!
Nathaniel - TJ is spot on - this is experience, throw yourself in and get involved - ask questions and see how they are 'thinking' the job, it's not always watching what they do but knowing why they did it / do it that way. That's experience and learning right there! If you impress, they'll be more keen to provide reference / recommendation.


as both last 2 posts, but also be sure to offer to clean up around/after the sparks, turn your mobile off during working hours , no hands in pockets unless you want to offer your trebor mints, and make a decent brew. half way there with that. :D:D:D.
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Reply to Advice for beginning Level 2 in the The Welcome Forum area at ElectriciansForums.net

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