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leakage test

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ample current

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I tested a washing mashine today and it failed the leakage test.
What it the relationship of this test to an insulation test?
It gave a reading of 0.76mA
The insulaton test was good with >20M Mohms
amd earth continuity was ok too.

Any insight would be nice please.

Edward Amsden

Did you retest it? If so was it the same again?
Awkward thing to run and then try again, but did you do this?
I would like to know the answer myself..


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0.76mA --nowt to worry about.

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What it the relationship of this test to an insulation test?
There is not always neccessarily a relationship, as the IR test is carried out with DC, and the leakage test is carried out with AC, things like filter/suppression and motor start/run etc. capacitors which allow some AC to pass normally, but block DC (normally) can skew the results somewhat.
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If this washing machine has electronics on board then I would be testing for an upper limit of 3.5mA. This machine would therefore pass on this particular test.


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Check the C of P. A washing machine is classed as moveable/stationary and over 18 Kg - therefore leakage limit is 3.5mA.
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