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The disc in my import meter, an old one with a mileometer style display plus two small, red dials, is currently running backwards in the bright sunshine. The red 1/10 dial is also in reverse, but the numbers on the mileometer section appear to be creeping forwards. Is this possible? I would have thought that they would also run backwards or at least remain stationary.


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Its plausable ive used gearing systems on large machines that run 1 direction only regardless of motor rotation, and it would make it harder to cheat the meter in your case.


If your meter is running backwards, and the dails are runnuing backwards too, you have an obligation to tell your energy provider, because it is fraud.
You have changed your system by adding a PV system.
Although some meters run backwards, the dials still go forwards, so while you are exporting, you may be paying for importing. (if you see what I mean)

How your energy provider would know you meter is running backwards, I am not sure, and as far as I am aware there has not been a test case in court yet, but I am sure you would not want to be the first one.

So the ball is in your court really.

I hope this helps.


You lucky person, they will be in touch soon to change your meter.

In the meantime enjoy your ~56p per unit
:santa_cheesy: Every sunny day is like Xmas day!


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OP - your situation sounds odd and I think it would be in your best interest to inform your energy provide..... its OK to watch the meter flying backwards but if the actual counter is going forward you maybe been charged for generation ???

Since the grid by us was pumped up to 240vAC my meter doesnt go backwards anymore, when we over produce it just stays stationery. I assume the "pressure" of the energy produced by our inverter just isnt strong enough to force it backwards ??

When the system was installed the grid was less than 230vAC and at this point the meter was flying backwards when over producing.....
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