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Yet another set piece for homework!

I've been asked to do a risk assessment of my last place of employment.

Now, I was going to do one based on my dive experience but thought, seeing as how that wasn't my last job:eek: I'd better do one on the site I did.

Does anyone have a copy of a risk assessment they use that I could amend to my own? Or indeed a risk assessment that I could just use.

Therefore enabling me to finish my homework now and be able to watch Pan's Labyrinth on Channel 4 at 9pm. :D


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OK Bane - after taking the p over your last homework assignment, I will offer something more practical here - although you are probably watching C4 by now!

Try this link:
Risk management: Five steps to risk assessment

All risk assessments are based on this simple 5 step formula. However, many electrical contracting firms will use a menu of risk assessments to apply to different jobs. For example, if you are fitting an outside light on your own, you would brief on the following risk assessments:
working alone
working at height
use of ladders
use of power tools
use of hand tools
isolating live circuits
and so on....

To do your own risk assessment of your last place of employment identify the risks (risk of harm or injury that could be actual or potential risks), if the risk cannot be eliminated, then look at what you can do to minimise the risks.

H & S is a really massive subject, consider the potential risks of making a cup of tea (electric shock, weight of the filled kettle, boiling water, steam, pulling the lead accidentally...) and you realise that risk assessments can become very time consuming.

Oh and good luck with your assignment.


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send me your email and will get one on its way to you. Spend half my life doing the feckin things!

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