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Just thought I would post hiss here as well.

Do you want to be part of something incredible?

As some of you may have seen in the past week in the Sports news there has been some talk about the Stirling Albion supporters planning to buy Stirling Albion Football Club.

Over the past 9 months or so a few people connected with the individual supporters organisations related to Stirling Albion have been working together and have started the Buy Stirling Albion Campaign. Nothing went public until last week when the organisers launched the campaign.

The Buy Stirling Albion Campaign has one main aim and that is to gain 100% control of the club to do this though they need to buy out current owner/chairman Peter MacKenzie who has been keeping the club afloat for a good few years now. But in the past couple of years Mr MacKenzie has wanted to sell the club but no buyer has come forward. It has got to a point where the Stirling Albion Supporters have realised that there isn't much chance of someone coming in to take over so it is now up to us the supporters of the mighty Binos to do something to secure the clubs future.

If the Buy Stirling Albion campaign is successful at gaining ownership of the club the plan is for a radical overhaul of how the club operates, the main part of the overhaul would to be make Stirling Albion Football Club a Community Club. This would include letting kids under 16 years old free admission to all games as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult. Another part of being a Community Club is to get out into the communities in and around the City of Stirling and work with them and let them see that they have a decent football club on their doorstep.

The club would also offer full "positive" coaching for youngsters of all ages where the youngsters are actively encouraged just to have fun in a safe environment with fully trained coaches on hand to give advice on how the youngsters could improve their skills. If any of the youngsters start to feel that they would like to play for some of the youth teams they would be given the opportunity to do so as initially part of the Young Reds, which is the Kids supporters club and team. If after a few years with them they were showing signs of further progress and looked like they could make the next step to the Youth Team they would be given that chance and again if after a couple of years they had improved more they may even get offered a chance at first team football with the club and from there who knows where they could end up maybe playing for Scotland one day. This coaching system isn't about forcing the kids into playing football or getting onto them if they aren't a good player but about promoting a safe and fun environment to play football in and offer advice to those who want to progress.

The campaign also pledges to make use of the advertising revenue that can be made at the ground and also throughout the club by actively getting the word out to local businesses that they are opportunities for them to get their name out there and be part of the team. One proposal is to offer naming rights of the club for 5 years so maybe we could be called McDonalds Stirling Albion just to get some money in to the club as the current management of the club makes no use of the advertising facilities they have some of the boards around the pitch have been up for years and no payments are being taken.

There is one thing though for us to save Stirling Albion we need everyone's help not just the supporters can do this but we are looking for people from all over the world to help save our club. The Buy Stirling Albion Campaign is looking for 20,000 people from across the globe to pledge £40 to Save Stirling Albion. We really do need YOUR help.

If you buy a £40 membership of the Stirling Albion Supporters Trust you will get

* Voting rights on major club decisions from deciding who should be our president to deciding what kits we use
* You will get a weekly briefing update from the campaign team and when we buy the club a weekly manager’s video update
* You will have guaranteed access to a trial to play for the club before members of the public– see the ’think you’re good enough?’ section of this website
* You will automatically participate in a fortnightly draw to win 4 seats in the directors box
* You will automatically participate in a fortnightly draw to win 2 seats on the team bus for away matches
* You will automatically participate in our annual prize draw to win major prizes
* You will qualify for a 10% discount on club merchandise
* Weekly draw to nominate a club mascot for each home game
* Local discounts for non Stirling residents to attract you to visit the club and the city

If after the year the campaign hasn't been successful in gaining ownership of the club you WILL get £35 of your £40 back. The reason for keeping £5 is to cover the costs of administration and bank charges, so in the end if we don't own the club all you will lose is £5.

Even if you don't want to buy a Supporters Trust membership you can still donate as much as you like to the campaign over at the Buy Stirling Albion website.

For more information please have a look at the following websites

Buy Stirling Albion Website
Unofficial Stirling Albion Website and Fans Forum
Redweb Reports and Photos from matches
Stirling Albion Supporters Trust

Or join or Social Networking Sites over at


So please help Save Stirling Albion we can not do it without YOUR help.

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