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Is IP44 weatherproof, ok outside, or is it just splashproof?
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Splashproof from all directions.


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If you get stuck on IP ratings just go on the SensorsOne website and bash the numbers in on their IP checking page. It will give the explanation of the first and second numbers only though.


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Tony...I tried that, but i'm in an enclosure within an enclosure if you understand what i mean.

The control panel is ip 44, they say (manufacturers) ok outside.

I think not, they quote ip ratings, it is ok outside. I said it aint, so provide an enclosure, hence i now have a panel within another weatherproof panel.
I'm waiting for a response from them.

What I'm saying is, the panel with electronics and mains came in a ip44 box.

I didn't like the look of it, it does not comply with weatherproof I thought, they said it did. I could be wrong, but it just don't look weatherproof, gut feeling.

Basically my fault, but they said weatherproof so I never bothered checking, when it came I thought it had to be within another cabinet.

hence the question, can ip 44 be outside?


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IP 44 boxes can have a gap of no more than 0.1 mm in any of the joints and are deemed splashproof. I have done quite a bit of outdoor stuff lately and always go minimum of IP56. You can guarantee that after explaining its rainproof someone will spray it with a jetwash!!! I know that B&Q etc sell IP44 stuff for outdoors (garden lights and the like) but like you, I would not trust it in a heavy downpour.


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I get what you mean now. If you look at the majority of small halogen floods they are mostly IP44 and said to be suitable for outdoor use. I think we have all been to "fix" these lights and found severe water ingress in them. I am a firm believer that if you do have to fit an IP44 item externally it should either be in a sheltered location or, as you are doing, placing it in an enclosure of a greater IP rating,
It doesn't take a lot of water ingress to screw up and electronic control.


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What Electric Mick said!

While IP44 is "splashproof", it really won't hold out too well in severe weather conditions (and let's face it, we're getting our fair share at the moment!)

IP56 should suffice, and anything above will obviously do no harm.

If it helps, here is an explanation of IP ratings. :)


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Done lots outside for water utility companies and defo min IP56 i would say !

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