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Okay then chaps....
Where is the best place to get your gear from? I'm talking cable, boxes, sockets, trunking, lights etc etc?
Only I have just been to a presentation from City Electrical Factors, and the chap made a good case.....I've always been a screwfix type myself, but maybe its time for a change?
What are the rest of you using?
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City are way to expensive in my opion! :mad:

I think it really is a case of chopping and changing as some will be better priced than others on different products. I personally have an account with a small independant wholesaler and they seem to hold a good range and their prices are quite good. If they don't have they can get fairly quick

You can normally get what you want from you Newey & Eryes, City etc but I think the small co's look after you better and are generally cheaper (less overheads, I guess?)

Do what I do and put a list together of materials you need for a job and ask for a price from several of the local wholesalers. Better materials at the better price wins! :)
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:)newey and eyre:)

give us a go!!!!!!!


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We use a small local wholesaler, like Warren only because they do go out of there way for the most small and diverse items u could imagine, and they become personal friends as well, we do also use N&E due to them being nationwide as we are all over the Country sometimes.


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I use a small local wholesaler who will match, and quite often better the screwfix prices. We do have a CEF here and one of the project managers I work for insists I use them when I do his jobs, the staff are good and they know their products - unlike the screwfix staff!!! I must admit though in the current financial climate I will go to the one that gives me the best deal - good quality at a good price, and good advice if I need it.


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I use a small independant wholesaler, they keep good stock and give reasonable prices. I use them all the time as I like to keep a good relationship with them. I also have an account with edmundsons for when I am out of town and get caught with my pants down:eek:. Eddys seem to have a branch everywhere and most stuff is reasonably priced.

I dont like Citys and Neweys, had some poop experiences with them before I set up on myself. Gear not turning up on time, gear missing, wrong equipment, silly prices and ****e equipment etc etc etc

I also seem to find that the smaller independant wholesalers give better terms ie 2 months and 3 months credit which is great for a start up business or small business when customers never seem to pay up on time - it gives you a little breathing space.

I did use Stephenson Cook until a few weeks ago when they stiched me on some gear. Ordered 100m 35mm green/yellow on the tuesday to be delivered to site on the following tuesday along with RCBO`s and stand off brackets for tray. Sent two lads to site to get on with the job and hey presto no gear !! Called SC and was told they would phone me back, never did. Pulled lads off site. 1 week later and numerous phone calls to SC gear arrived only to missing RCBO`s and stand off brackets. Called SC told them to go **** themselves and to cancel the rest of the order. Won`t use them again poor poor service.:mad:

So my advice would be to get an account or two with some of the larger wholesalers for when you get desperate and also have an account with a smaller local wholesaler who will give you good service and terms. Use the small wholesaler most and build up a good relationship with the gaffer and the lads. It works wonders. :D
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