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  1. Dan

    New Sidebar Blocks - Help you get around the forum quicker

    I'm still working on making the User Interface helpful for newbies and regulars. Each will see different content. I'll customise this more so that trainees see threads from mentors, USA members see fellow USA members threads etc. I keep chipping away at this because its tedious coding work and...
  2. loplug

    Hempcrete Blocks.....

    Does any one have any experience of working with these? about to start a job made from Hempcrete Blocks and wondering if any one has worked with this material before, its a new one to me any advice on fixings would be fantastic. Otherwise it will be a case of suck it and see on site.
  3. L


    Hi there, I've been trying to get my head around AutoCAD for a while now and I'm trying to produce a full template that has all the blocks and title pages needed for an electrical installations. I've now got all the blocks I need but I'm having problems setting up the dynamic blocks. Does...
  4. J

    Isolating electrical sockets in preparation for removal of plaster for damp work

    Hi, I am having internal damp work done and have been asked been asked by the contractor to prepare by isolating the electrical wall sockets and removing the faceplates and sockets. I have 3 double, surface mounted sockets to isolate. There is a short section of trunking from the floor boards...
  5. W

    ECR - Wood Block light switchs

    Carrying out a ECR. House rewired about 5 yeays ago, wood block light switchs fitted thoughout. No flush back boxes & cables stripped off sheath behind . Be interested off your thoughts :saddam:
  6. H

    Final connection of shower feed

    I need some advice regarding the final connection of the tails for a new dedicated consumer unit for a new shower. There are connecting blocks between the meter and existing consumer unit with spare ways but without pulling the service fuse I can't connect up without working live. Is this a job...
  7. M

    main switch

    Hi all Is there a regulation in the bgb that states you cannot come off the main switch to feed another db, not that I want to do this I've just come across it being done today
  8. D

    Bit of help with meter setup

    Ok new hobby of mine is checking customers DNO supplies and getting a feel for whats what...... hopefully you guys could help me understand whats going on in this pic.... So im guessing the meter on the right is Eco 7.........whats the little sealed block on the left next to the two Henley...
  9. S

    What do people us now for switch box lighting connections?

    Hi all Joining a looped neutral in a plaster mounted lighting switch box. Back in my sad old day... we used plastic connector blocks, which I seem to remember were binned a while back. What are people using these days? I watched the sparky on a site the other week crimping all his connections...
  10. B

    help wanted for codes C1 or C2

    inspected a job, service head 3p 4 wire. 100A BS88. meter tails 25mm2 ccc 101A out meter into 2 * henly blocks. out the henly blocks split into 2 supplies, 16mm2 singles, ccc method B 76A. 1 supply goes to 2* db fed into bottom db then linked to top db via main switch as photo. 2 supply goes...
  11. G

    sub boards

    Hi guys, Need advice. Have a 2 DB's both fed from meter(2 feeds coming out of it) each one goes through a 60 amp fused isolator. The 2nd DB has only 3 lighting circuits and a ring main. total wattage would be approx 3kw. Need to install 9kw electric boiler but cannot get to either of the...
  12. mhar

    Think I must be confused!

    An underground tt supply going into a meter cabinet on the outside of a garage, 16mm tails straight through the wall to henley blocks, 10mm earthing conductor to a rod with a Ze of 38ohms. From henley blocks a small gagage sub main with a 63A 100ma T rcd, main house feed from henley blocks (in...
  13. M

    Down rate cable installed in aerated block wall?

    Given that aerated concrete blocks have thermal insulation value of between 1/2 and 1/5 of 100mm rockwool should a cable chased into the wall and skimmed over with plaster be down rated as per installation method 100 or 102 ? Is this altered if the cavity behind the aerated blocks are filled...
  14. M

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC required certificates

    I was browsing in the electa-course website and noticed they are selling software for £30 which has all the different types of electrical certification, you just fill it in and print it off. I was wondering do NICEIC accept these types of certification from their approved contractors and...
  15. M

    Few domestic quickies please

    Hi all, please can anyone clear up the following: domestic install: existing CU in very tight kitchen cupboard and full to brim. Tncs supply on other side of wall in external meter cupboard (newish build) 1) new sub is needed to very large shed/office in garden area. am i permited to run...
  16. lurch

    economy 7 rcd test

    Hi I have just installed an RCD to an exixting E7 install. Does any one know if there is a test facilty in order to test the Ze and the RCD? Otherwise I gotta come back at 1130pm!! Thx in advance
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