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I'll keep it short and sweet. Ford Mondeo customer complaint intermittent starting issue and engine cuts out whereby she advised this occurred while driving and the ESCL activated and she said she could not turn the steering wheel.

I scanned for fault codes and got a drivers door module control circuit fault for the drivers door switch. No other codes present.

I've run through some wiring/relay and fuse testing from fuse box 1 under bonnet to fuse box 2 in the boot and finally ended up in fuse box 3 under the glove box. Initial testing proved nothing because the engine started every time tested. In a morning and occasionally during the day the IPC would show "key not detected" and or "key battery voltage low". I replaced the key batteries and tested the operation of both keys not finding anything wrong with them.

I've tested the receiver and sensors in the passengers compartment and although appear weak in operation, I've not found them faulty, I do believe the cause is the GEM module. On a couple of occasions now the IPC has failed to illuminate any warning lamps etc, and the operation of the ESCL has not occurred, nor has depressing the start button had any influence.

Although I could not catch it in a failed condition when the IPC did not illuminate any warning lamps, researching the wiring diagram suggests that the main ignition control relay is not switching on and therefore voltage is not being supplied to the IPC or the KVM, which seems to suggest that the GEM is not out putting voltage to activate the main relay.

Conclusion - GEM module fault.

Anyone had experience with Ford intermittent starting issues like this?
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