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well ive decided to go self employed. got the van , got the tools , got the expareance . all i need now is the part p and i'm away .so off i go to give a price to a bloke who wants a new c .u . i'll do this and test it , pay the building controll chappie, ( out of my own pocket)
and ill give the bloke a price so cheap he bite my arm off.then tell the n i c to visit, sorted.
me: -----good morning ,electrician.
bloke: --alright mush. i needs a new fuse box how much:
me : ----no problem sir, just take a quick look.
bloke :- its down there on the floor. in that cupboard mate .
me :---- ok ill just lay down on the floor to have a closer look.
i first look at the board and inside i find two 6mm bonding conductors.and after getting back on my feet , get rid of all the dog hairs that have stuck to my jeans.
me :--- can you tell me where the gas meter is .
bloke : what for .
me :-- i need to check that its bonded
bloke- ah !
bloke -its in the kitchen cupboard
me--- right ill just have to move all these shoes, and the hover , and the dogs towel
me--- thats ok ,its there [ 6mm]

me----- just got to look under the sink
bloke --yeh right how much
me----- well both the gas and water need re-bonding in 10mm and all the pipes in the bathroom becouse even through thay've been all right for the last 30 years, the iee , nic
and all other the pen pushing lard arses that think being a spark is a peice of cake say that unless i do it i cant issue a certificate and thats what i need to do to get the part p.
so we can rip up your new stone floor ,lift all th bedroom carpet or slap mini-trunking all over your gaff any way its going to cost.
bloke ---i ant paying for that i'll get a fuse board from B&Q and do it me-self now
*#*~# off .
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Andy M

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Just wrote a really long reply, and it didn't post for some reason!!

Why not change your own Unit, like i did ? that way you can ensure everthing is upto speed.

You may encounter problems though, it took me 4 months from date of payment to registration with the NIC, if it takes you this long it will be in the middle of the change from 16th to 17th Edition!! You may well do the work they look at to the 16th (which is fine up to July) but be asked questions on the 17th, you'll need to be doubly competent, Good Luck
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hi andy
like most pre 1980 houses mine has no supp bonding either and again is a mission or mini trunking.
the n.i.c & the iee need to start being more realstic and less uncomprising , thay seem think wireing a house is as easy as drawing lines on bits of paper.
im starting to wonder if i really need the part p ,i dont see that it helps safety at all
people will always go with the cheapest ,and with the nic on your back you cant be cheap
part p or not thay dont care.
wot do we get for the money any way -------anybody

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