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Rob Loveday

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Hi, I am after some advice on a problem I am experiencing with light switches.

I have recently installed some new lights and changed some light switches in a factory unit. The switches I have used are GET ultimate 1gang 2 way (rated 10 amps), all the switches I am having problems on have fluorescent fittings (recessed and normal fittings).

When I switch the light switch on the lights work ok but then I cant get the switch to turn off, the switch feels "soft". After unscrewing the switch or pressing it quite hard it then works. Most of them then work ok for a while and then occasionally fail. I have double checked the loads on all switches and they are fine (ie one switch controls one light fitting with 72 watts total ).

I have installed downlights on three switches and these are all fine (no problems at all) so presume it is related to fluorescents ? I have not seen anything like this and nobody I speak to can help

Any advice would be gratefully received

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have you tried swapping the switches on the fluorescents for the downlighter ones? Personally I have never had this problem either but maybe they ae faulty switches.


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i work in houses a lot and change loads of light switches, the MK range have this problem sometimes, if you do the plate up too tight the switch wont function properly, have to relese it and push it hard to get it to click then seems to work fine after that!

id say just try another switch


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had similar problem with get ,sw wasnt located in back properly

Reg Man

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I too have had this problem with GET switches but generally their square edge plates and not the ultimate. Last year they changed manufacturer of the switches so I'm told and bits break inside switch and it all goes soft. I have been back to several jobs to change the switches, especially the 1g2w version. I have started using Superswitch which I understand is MK but a lot cheaper. They seem to be quite good.

lee mcgregor

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hi i also had similiar problems with these switches with the cables in back pressing against back of switch,. not much but just enough for the switch not to function properly . if you cant change the switches for what ever reason try using deep boxes rather than your standard one this might help.
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