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I've done C&G 2391, 2330 L2 & 3 17th etc... I'm currently with ELECSA comp person etc....

Sorry if this has been gone over a few times already, I did a search and didnt come up with anything useful.

I don't have my NVQ but looking to do any online one just to cover me as at the time of my qualification my employer couldn't give me full time work meaning I could do my NVQ.

According to elecsa, from April 2013 if you are not already reg as comp person (part p) then you won't be able to get on without an NVQ. If you are reg as comp person then if you take a 2 year break then you will need to come back with an NVQ.

Does anyone know any different to this?

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SirKit Breaker

I am not here to say yes or no to what Elecsa have said because i dont know. But if this is the case, then all the scam providers must be doing it, otherwise Elecsa will be cutting off their own noses, they will lose fortunes. And what about the time served, and those with grandfather rights, who have never had, and will probably never bother with an NVQ.



Yep heard that this is the way its going as I sat my 2391 paper on thursday, the last one of the old style before they change to this QCF system which is going to stop fast track course's from meaning you can go out and get registered etc so I am told.


This is quite correct. For those that are already registered, it is as it stands but new entrants to the competent person scheme will require the NVQ3 in DOMESTIC Installations. It was supposed to have been introduced last year but the changes to Part P 2013 prevented awarding bodies completing the award.

There is no requirement to complete the current NVQ's so don't rush out just yet

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SirKit Breaker

Just to back up Mainman,

I deliver the NVQ L3 Diploma, and there is a hell of a lot more to this than there will be to the NVQ L3 domestic qualification. So sit tight.
The Diploma can be done in 3 months, but you need to be doing 3 phase, maintenance, installation, and a whole host of other things as well.
I will try and find out from EAL what the new NVQ will involve. I work with the EAL qualifications, so i will try and get hold of our EV and get some info.
I cant imagine that a L3 in domestic would be very difficult, as domestic work is fairly limited, and also it should be a lot cheaper than the Diploma, as it shouldn't have as many modules.

Watch this space.........



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