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Hi, I've "inherited" a light fitting which I believe used to work okay but then stopped. I've tried swapping the "bulb" (it's not a bulb!) but it's still not working. I'm unfamiliar with the fitting so I'm concerned if I've bought the wrong sort of bulb, which I tried to match with the old one but the terminology is confusing (different manufacturers having different codes and not knowing the compatibility).

Before I assume a wiring problem and call in an electrician (not touching it myself) could anyone confirm for me that the fitting and blub should work together?

The fitting (attached picture) says it takes a "LC-DDE" 28W, and the replacement "bulb" I got is , "GE 28w Wattmiser 2D T5 840 4Pin" as seen on this amazon link: GE 28w Wattmiser 2D T5 840 4Pin: Lighting -

The physical fit is fine, there's no sign of life (no flash or spark when I switched it on). I was hoping to see some sort of plug in "starter" like big florescents but nothing I can see to change.

Would you recommend buying another replacement "bulb" (are they usually reliable?) or anything else I could try before paying an electrician to tell me it's something trivial?

Thanks for your help, great to have this sort of forum otherwise I'd be lost!

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That is the correct tube and assuming the supply is okay at the fitting it is likely the fitting needs replacing.




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How about this.

They do various wattages as well.

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Thanks to all who replied, I investigated all those options.

So annoying - I discovered the source of lack of illumination was that some building work was going on elsewhere in the building and they had cut the power to the room with the light in it!!!

So the new and old bulb and fitting were fine all along, and now 'fixed'.

Just goes to show... remember to consider all possibilities!

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