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Jubed Ali

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Hi guys an gals,
im new here and to the trade just finished L2 EAL 2330, 17th regs and Part P. All that has bled my bank dry but im looking to the future and hoping it will be well worth it!!

Now i was hoping for some advice please. im on a really tight budget it kind of embarrassing so wont even say. please dont take the p**s im really trying ive just started a part time nights job so that will hopefully help.

id like to know if used testers are ok as my tutor says to avoid them at all costs ??
id like a kt65 or kt64 as we used them at college and been told they are the best by a few.
so really would like advice on what tools id need to get going? What tools i need for the part p assesment?

i found a kt64 for £220 but no cal cert. What you think? im a lil confused theres so many!!!

i just need enough to get me going once im getting work in i will be buying tools every week
so far i know i need :
seperate or mft tester
dvi and proving unit
insulated screwdriver set
locking off kit
maybe a drill? im not sure
wall chaser?

any advice would be great i dont want anything fancy just enough to get going on domestics for now.

thanks in advance
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If your wanting to save money in the long run get a new tester as it will only be a small difference by the time you buy a second hand tester and pay for calibration and you will have the reliability of a new tester.

As for a continuity/volt tester dilog do a ok one for £40 ish proving unit isnt required if you use another live source to check it.

with regards to tools you can get a ok dewalt wall chaser and 14.4v cordless for £150 or something similar and buy a decent set of drivers and cutters as you want something that will last not cheap rubbish that breaks in the first week.
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The amount of crap tools I have seen on site is ridiculous, they look like something out of bargain bin from Wilkos! Remember buy cheap, buy twice!

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wall chaser buy lump hammer + chisel
locking off kit disconnect circuit instead
hammer drill deffo
cordless not essential use a bit of old fashioned elbow grease lol
good hand tools the rest you add as needed or to suit the type of work your doing!

not so long ago most jobs power tools do where done by hand !!!!!!!!!!!!! although faster not essential!!! but some will beg to differ LOL

if you cant afford a hammer drill buy yourself a raw tool!


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im doing it on my own and it takes time unless you rich, open an account at wholesalers and everytime you do a job the 20% you make on materials , if you dont use it by running back and forward for materials, buy something with it, if you do wee jobs for family get them to buy you a tool in the deal or wangle it in somehow ,,,,,

i think all, i need now is a wall chaser and a hoover but can hire these if need be, one or two chases i use my sds and 25mm boxes and oval pipe... good luck


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Ah I have a builder friend who swears by that cheap B+Q own brand powertools.

Abuses them, if the die within a couple of months they usually change them, if not they go in the skip, says it works out cheaper than buying.

As some of you know I am the other way and have a good selection of Hilti tools on the managed scheme.

No one will nick his tools


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I have an Erbaur one that I paid about that from screwfix, its now 3 years old and still going strong!!

You need a half decent vac.


lol ,i once bought a b&q 9" grinder with 3 yrs warranty flagged all my drive loads of cuts eventually burnt it out took it back and got a new one ,got another 3 yr warranty burnt that out 2 yrs later then got another lol had that for about 7yrs now still working

Jubed Ali

thanks all
i just cant afford a brand new tester right now. wish i could lol. anyone on here have a decent one for sale?
ok so basics would be
sds hammer drill .
mft tester
clamp unit

could anyone advise on the actual Part p Assesment with sceme provider. ive been told i need to lay out all tools and paperwork.
would i need anything else to comply/ pass?
sorry i worried ill mess it up. once i in the scheme i can then start working an buying more tools.
this is a great site been using it for the last year or so.
thanks guys

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